wave of bad weather from north to south

Storm of bad weather from north to south: problems in the Marches for water bombs that hit the coast, as in Friuli-Venezia Giulia the coast has been flooded with interventions by firefighters and civil protection.

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in Spezzino a lightning partly hit the bell tower of a church, another a Rome press a control unit that tilts the traffic lights of the Monteverde district. So much fear and damage Napoli, where some flights arriving in Capodichino have been diverted to other airports. A violent storm hit Verona and province in the evening and caused flooding and severe damage to the overflow of streams and rivers. Heavy discomfort with ground floor, garages and road passages.

A Bovolone a man sat with his car in a flooded railway underpass but managed to save himself. In the Marche, the areas of Fermo, with flooding and problems for some flooded tunnels, and in Jesi and in Vallesina, in the province of Ancona, a water bomb hit. The first aid of the Carlo Urbani hospital flooded, streets and neighborhoods at the foot of the historic center, houses, shops and garages. Heavy rainfall on Friuli Venezia Giulia caused flooding in the coastal municipalities. The most affected area was that of Lignano Sabbiadoro, where civil protection volunteers had to coordinate with the fire brigade.

A Beverino, in the province of La Spezia, last night around three o'clock, struck a thunderbolt and partially collapsed the bell tower of the parish church of San Cipriano. Fortunately everything happened in an hour that there were no people on the street; the fallen debris caused no injuries but only damage to parked cars. In Naples, the problems were mainly in the area of ​​the airport Capodichino: first a whirlwind, which also exposed a building San Pietro a Patierno, and then forced a strong storm in the afternoon to divert some arriving flights.

Great fear, but a consequence, especially for employees at the Atitech plant, where aircraft maintenance is carried out; the wind blew the roof of a building into the parking lot, at that empty moment, of the plant. Other fragments have damaged some cars that are parked in front of the building. The inspections in the building did not reveal any critical problems and the firefighters declared the building unfeasible after their work. For a few minutes, the workers saw everything flying overhead.

Demolished scaffolds, torn doors and a container driven by gusts are broken by a fence near the hangar, where Atitech carries out the tests of aircraft engines. The wind has also created a scaffolding that has been installed by the workers in a maintenance plane, fortunately without damaging it. The regional civil protection has given a new yellow alarm for tomorrow in Campania, between 6 and 18: violent storms are expected in different parts of the region and strong winds, phenomena characterized by a predicted uncertainty and rapid evolution. Traffic lights in tilt in Rome as a result of a lightning flash that hit a power station in Monteverde. Flooding and discomfort in Alessandria and in Turin because of the heavy storms that have gone through the night. Closed in the tunnel, in the Marengo district.

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