"We got it out of filth …"

Everything comes from an article by Morning of Padua that overwhelms the receiving system of the migrants in Veneto and brings in the storm the former officials of the Padua prefecture.

According to the local newspaper, the Carabinieri dell & Arma intercepted the calls between the former prefect of Padua, Patrizia Impresa, and vice president prefect, Pasquale Aversa, delegate for managing the problem of thorny immigration. As is known, it is the prefectures in Italy that issue tenders the extraordinary reception centers (Cas).

On April 14, 2017, according to what he wrote the morning, the Carabinieri intercepted the company: "It is true that we made them dirty, but when we could do them", he had told the listener on the other side of the phone, the vice-prefect Aversa, who would have answered him:" Exactly ".

The company writes republicfor three months it is "in Rome to fulfill the post of Deputy Head of Cabinet of the new Minister of Home Affairs Matteo Salvini"While the vice prefect Aversa"he was appointed commissioner for the prefecture of the municipality of Gioia Tauro, a police commission for infiltration of the Mafia".

The interview would be recorded in 437 pages with information written by the Carabinieri as part of the research coordinated by the pm Federica Baccaglini. The surveys concern the allocation of funds for the reception, in particular with regard to the cooperative Ecofficina Educational, then became Edeco. Patrizia Impresa has not been studied in the course of the study.

the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the meantime, he keeps the case "under the magnifying glass". "Leach other – explains Adnkronos a weight of the Ministry of Internal Affairs – must certainly be deepened by the judiciary and also by the Ministry of Interior. In the light of what emerges, we keep the case under the magnifying glass".

Instant comment has also arrived Salvini. "The center-left government denied the emergency landings, but then dumped the problem of the prefects and forced them to move the illegal immigrants from one municipality to another – as in the three-card game – not to annoy the mayors of the Democratic Party, ministers or presidents to visit Anci del Pd. It is the disgraceful image that emerges from the Padua research", said the Minister of the Interior and added:"On the other hand, I want to block the landings and take all the responsibilities of my choices. If any official is wrong, it is good that you pay. But who are the political instigators of all this? ".

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