WEATHER CLONIC. Violent thunderstorms are downloaded to the center-south. Situation and evolution for the present day «3B Meteo

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UPDATE 8.30 am

From the late afternoon on Sunday to the dawn of today, Monday, there were several stormy strong intensity episodes that were downloaded on most of Central and Southern Italy, including islands. Starting with storms accompanied by hail in Abruzzo on the Aquila, as well as in the Matese (Molise). Just in L & # 39; Aquila on Sunday afternoon a violent storm was released causing enormous flooding of roads, underpasses and basements, so bad that in order to deal with the situation we had to intervene with three pumps to reduce the water level on the roads and the COC, the municipal operating center, has been opened.

In Campitello Matese (CB) the strong storm was accompanied by an intense hailstorm covering the roads and fields with white, so much to create a landscape that recalls the winter season.

In the evenings the phenomena on the edge of the peninsula have been reduced, but instead continued on the large islands, especially in Sicily, especially on the north side of the island overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. In Palermo there were also storms of strong intensity all night, with precipitation deposits reaching only 60 mm from midnight in the Cefalù area.

NEXT HOURS. Sicily will be hit by storms, which focuses in the afternoon on the inland, which are also locally intense, with access to the Ionian coast. Thunderstorms also in the internal areas of Sardinia, with forbidden access to the west coast and to the south. Widespread thunderstorms will start from the afternoon along the Apennine Ridge from the Lazio-Abruzzi region to the south, also strong on Campania, Lucania and Calabria, with frequent involvement of the Tyrrhenian coasts. Any expected phenomenon on internal Puglia. During the day, finally, the Alps arc storms, with prohibited areas to the Lombard-Veneto and Trentino-for-Alps. For all details, go to the section Weather Italy.

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