Weather for Romagna 25-26 August 2018

The warning rises to "orange" level. The Romagna is about to be affected by a strong wave of bad weather with thunderstorms in connection with gusts and thunderstorms. The first deterioration is expected on Saturday afternoon; then after an interruption of a few hours, the phenomena will resume in the night between Saturday and Sunday, to urge intermittently until early afternoon. The temperatures will be significantly reduced. But it will not be the end of summer. This is a temporary break, from Monday the high pressure will return that will bring beautiful sunny days with the column of mercury that does not exceed 30 ° C.


the ALERT – Civil protection in detail in the bulletin of Saturday morning: "A minimal slump in a fast transit over northern Italy will determine the conditions for a pronounced instability in our region on Saturday and Sunday, Saturday there will also be a widespread temporary even organized from noon ". On Sunday, on the other hand, there will be "widespread temporal, even very intense, locally persistent, more likely in the morning, run out in the afternoon." The wind will be strong (average intensity estimated at 70 km / h) on the coastal sector, weakening only from The sea is expected to be very rough (shaken off the coast) with an estimated wave height of about 3 meters from the early hours of the morning, and the waves are expected to be filled in the evening ". Civil protection warns tourists: "Given the weather forecasts, there may be criticism points in mountain basins, in smaller networks and drainage, with level 1 overruns".

THE GULF OF MALTEMPO – The atmospheric error is due to Atlantic seven, followed by cold air of polar Arctic origin. The disruption will give rise to a phase of fairly heavy weather, with the transit of some storm systems. On Saturday afternoon lightning and thunder come from the Apennines, with local heavy showers and hailstorms. The phenomenon will then decrease in the direction of the evening and then resume late at night. In the early hours of the sun, cold air will flow from the Bora gate, with heavy gusts of wind on the coast of Ravenna. The sea will be very rough, locally agitated, with the wave weakening on Monday afternoon.

The Arpae predicts

We read in the Arpae bulletin for the Forlì-Cesena province: the morning sky will be very cloudy with rain and thunderstorms; In the afternoon changing clouds on the coast with thunderstorms, on the hills very cloudy with weak rainfall; of the evening tended to erase. The expectation is that the temperatures will drop considerably: the minimum fluctuates between 15 and 19 ° C, while the maximum is around 25 ° C. The wind blows "weak or moderate predominantly eastern". Fortifications from the northeast to the strong are expected on the coastal sector and the sea in the morning, gradually weakening from the midday hours. Possible bursts of intensity in the areas affected by thunderstorm activity The sea will be very rough, locally agitated offshore, with waves weakening from the evening hours. "The eruption lasts for a few hours.After Monday, the recovery of a high-pressure field will give preference to good weather conditions, except the low density that is more likely since Friday, temperatures vary between 27 and 30 ° C.

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