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Milan, August 22, 2018 – Several experts say that it will be the end of the summerothers are more careful and only speak about one stop. However, it will be one "blow in the summer", as head the weather forecast for the weekend they are clear: bad weather, collapse of the temperature and autumn weather. The meteorological picture about Italy is about to undergo a radical change, he announces The arrival of a Northern European cyclone, son of the now famous Ernesto, Italy will shatter from North to South. The site warns that the first signs of change will take place already on Friday 24th with early storms with daily evolution, also in the north of the Po Valley. On Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 the bad weather will be serious; the cyclone will break in cold air from arctic extraction which will cause violent thunderstorms that lead from the north-west to the northeast and then to the Adriatic region of Tuscany and Umbria.

"Possible water bombs and even tornadoes"

STRONG MALTEMPO – Violent phenomena are expected exceptional hail storms, storms, possible water bombs and even tornadoes. Temperatures greatly decrease, even 15 degrees compared to recent days, and the snow that can descend into the Alps above 1800 meters. Antonio Sanò, director and founder of, announces that between Sunday and Monday the bad weather will lead to the Adriatic region & # 39; s up to Puglia, and that the return of the anti-cyclone from the Azores will bring sunny days, but with a decidedly pleasant climate, since temperatures will not rise above 28 degrees in almost all regions.

HOT AND TIME FOR NOW – Anyway until Friday – it explains Epson Weather Center – the weather conditions on Italy will not undergo substantial changes. The maintenance of very hot air near the ground and a weak cyclonic circulation due to colder air at high altitudes will keep the atmosphere unstable and therefore favorable for the formation of many storms, especially in the central south, on the islands and in the mountainous areas. areas.

The heat will remain intense and temperatures above the norm, especially in the north and in Tuscany, where the thermometer can reach 35 degrees.

The Epson Center also emphasizes that this is a situation that is destined to radically change during the weekend, due to the arrival of an intense disturbance of the North Atlantic, the no. August 3, followed by significantly cooler air. His passage, in addition to the preference for a marked weakening of heat throughout the country, is likely to occur between Friday and Sunday, at one bad weather in the northern region & # 39; s, more intense on those of North East. On Sunday, the disturbance will also affect the central regions, especially the Adriatic.

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