Weather Italy: here is the perfect storm at the end of the summer. The first snow in the Alps

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The weather conditions are about to change in most of Italy, in fact, our country is experiencing a disturbance by France, followed by cold air from polar Arctic origin. The disruption will give rise to a phase of fairly severe weather, which should be particularly relevant for a part of the northern region, the Adriatic and leopard spot regions in southern Italy and Sicily.

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The storm of late summer is a very normal atmospheric phenomenon, it would be abnormal if it were not there. However, the intensity of the phenomena can be enormous, with the possibility of very strong storms, violent gusts, heavy showers and even occasional hailstorms.

The areas most affected by the bad weather will also see a severe drop in temperature, probably even 10-15 ° C less.

Because of the strong temperature drop, more than 2000 meters of snow can fall over the Alps. An atmospheric phenomenon that has no exceptional properties. In the past, snow has fallen more than once below 2000 meters.

Question, how is it that all this emphasis is on change?

Practically months have been that the temperature remains above the average in the central-southern regions, this is the exception of a short interval that existed in July when the thermal values ​​came close to normal. But the summer of 2018 for the central-southern region will be classified as very hot, so the change that will occur will be particularly noticeable in comparison with the already existing weather conditions.

It must also be said that the mathematical prognosis models in some parts of the central eastern sector of the north provide rainfall with a certain importance, also compatible with the storm. This is because the bursting of cold air will give rise to impressive storm clouds and storm gutters.

Another atmospheric phenomenon that will occur with the change of time will be the wind.

A storm wind and expected from the Gulf of Leo to Sardinia: it is the Mistral.

A gust of wind from the northeast and waiting for the above Adriatique, and will affect the monastery average to 50 km per hour and gusts to 100, the area of ​​Trieste: it is the Bora, wind that not only brings the Frost of Winter .

In short, we have mentioned a series of atmospheric phenomena that are very relevant, and it is for this reason that this disturbance, called journalism, is called a storm.
We also want to emphasize that Italy will not be affected by a cyclone, by an extraordinary situation or never seen. An area with low pressure will form, this yes, said in meteorology of the cyclone area, not to be confused with the hurricanes.

The disturbance will hardly affect the good weather that returns to the Tyrrhenian region & # 39; s, and even less Sardinia, where the atmospheric instability that caused some strong afternoon afternoons will disappear. In this part of Italy, the humidity will decrease and the ventilation will increase, making the warm connotations more bearable than previously experienced, but interrupted by thunderstorms.

After the transit of the disturbance, Saturday will affect the north, Sunday in the middle of the Adriatic Sea, and wait for the recovery of the High Pressure, with the ritono also of the heat, because the summer 2018 does not end here.

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