WEATHER Italy: September at the beginning with a BURRASCA weekend. Then HOT

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The high pressure from North Africa, which is responsible for a new weather improvement and a significant temperature increase that is capable of returning to marked summer values, is undergoing a first weakening in the northern sectors.

The progress of a large amount of fresh air, associated with a major disruption of the Atlantic, is causing a deterioration in the regions of Northern Italy and the influence of the cool on the warm seas will be the birth of a vortex of low pressure on the Ligurian Sea.

Vortex that keeps the boat under control throughout the first weekend of September, causes local damage and causes heavy rainfall that can easily take on a temporary character and guide hailstorms and gusts of wind. Even where the rainfall will be less sharp, a thermal reduction will be important because the 20 are blown through the western quadrants.


As stated at the end of the week, the isolation of a vortex of fresh air in the middle of the north is confirmed, which means that the weather can be very unstable with locally violent storms accompanied by other storms, hailstorms and gusts of wind . This is because the thermal contrasts will be vivid, precisely because of the previous heated heat.

On Saturday it is likely that the symptoms will focus more on the North Center, while on Sunday the instability is expected in partial propagation towards the south and two large islands. It has to be said that the wind in rotation around the minimum of low pressure will bring a new general temperature drop in all our regions & # 39; s. The freshness will clearly be more pronounced when the rainfall will be more consistent.

More specifically, we can say that on Friday evenings on Saturday strong local precipitation is expected between the eastern sectors of Piedmont, Lombardy, Triveneto and Central-Eastern Liguria. There may also be the first thunderstorms along the Tyrrhenian coasts, especially at the places in Lazio.

In the next hours of the day, the widespread instability, as said, would affect all central-southern regions, with fairly intense thunderstorms that can also take on a large-scale character. The expectation is that temperatures will decrease even if there is no precipitation. We expect some storms until Campania is occasionally on the Gargano, while in the extreme south and between the two large islands the weather has to remain good, but with an increase of the western ventilation from Sardinia.

For the day on Sunday, there are no substantial changes, in the sense that the rains will continue to hit the central and northern areas, occasionally in the direction of Campania and Gargano. The wind from the western quadrants will also become stronger in the south, resulting in a lower temperature.

A gradual improvement should take place from Monday, but the regions in the central north continue to receive rain showers, even in the most probable reverse periods in the central hours of the day. In addition to the internal areas, however, we do not rule out the forbidden terrain in the direction of plains and coastal areas. For a more substantial improvement you will have to wait Tuesday for the days and especially on Wednesday.

The return of a high-pressure field from North Africa should facilitate a consolidation of good weather with a supply of warm air in a noticeable increase, especially between the two large islands in the south, where the climate committees will definitely be summer.

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