Winter Games 2026 falls the application with three candidates. The hypothesis of Milan-Cortina

Five-circle thriller. On a frenetic and confused day, the Italian candidacy for the Olympic Winter Games of 2026 dies when the phoenix dies and, perhaps, rises from the ashes in another form. The only certainty is the farewell of the trident Cortina-Milan-Turin, the hypothesis that Coni and the government had worked for a long time. This was confirmed by the under-secretary with responsibility for sports, Giancarlo Giorgetti. "He does not have the support of the government and died as such here," he says, he feels sorry for the incident and speaks in clear terms about "personal defeat". Too much distinction to continue. "I believe that what is so serious and important requires sharing, a spirit that I have not found at this stage, that forms of doubt prevails rather than suspicion," he explains.

Closed this page, but the story can not yet be labeled as terminated. Lombardy and Veneto are not actually planning to "throw everything to the nettles" and, through a joint note from the two governors, Attilio Fontana and Luca Zaia, they say they are "willing to take this challenge together". To do this, the delegations from Milan and Cortina will go to the Cio in Lausanne on Wednesday to "repeat their willingness to continue independently". The hope is at least that of winning time. The government will not oppose the operation of the two leaders of the Northern League on condition that "they must also be borne in terms of burdens". A position repeated by both Giorgetti and Matteo Salvini, leader of the Carroccio. Instead, Turin stays outside with the mayor Appendino. The M5S, by the mouth of Luigi Di Maio, download on Coni, "who in the attempt to disappoint no one, did not have the courage to make a clear decision from the beginning", the responsibility for what happened. But in the pentastellate house no one tore their clothes, because of the fact that the Olympic Games of a considerable number of their constituents are actually seen as smoke in the eyes.

A plan B, which still has to take off, and very briefly because, as explained by Giovanni Malagò, "we are in extra time". The president of CONI explains that technically the Olympics can be "done" without the government by making the example of the USA with the guarantees given by individuals, but in Italy "has never happened and I do not know if it will ever happen ". Digitized by yet another bitter bite, the Olympic Committee would be a "spectator" of the idea that was launched by Veneto and Lombardy with the permission of the Mayor of PD Pepe Sala in Milan. At the same time, however, they are ready from Palazzo H to support the attempt, even so that even Diana Bianchedi will be project leader of the Olympic dossier in Lausanne with the two delegations. However, Malagò prefers to keep the profile low. "An exceptional opportunity was created, let's see if another could be created," he explains, while he does not lose hope that "he must stay". Just like the Olympic firepot they hope to see burning in the Lombardy-Veneto region in 2026.

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