Zaia determines the state of emergency for Verona – Veneto

The president of the Veneto region Luca Zaia has signed the decree this morning for the crisis in Verona and in the Verona region of Verona affected by the violent storms of yesterday, causing damage to homes, factories, public works and industrial and production facilities.

"We will ask the government – says Zaia in a statement – not only the declaration of the state of emergency, but also a special attention to citizens and businesses.I followed all night, in constant contact with the Commissioner for Civil Protection Gianpaolo Bottacin, the organization of the rescue car, the mobilization and disruption of the regional voluntary teams, who have always responded enthusiastically and professionally.Today, the 36 teams that are already active in the areas will be further strengthened, while also the fire service, which we do not thank enough, they work with teams from even the neighboring provinces ".

Since yesterday afternoon more than 180 interventions have been sent to the fire brigade in the Verona region for interventions related to heavy rainfall in the area. At this moment there are no people injured. Secured by the Saf teams (Speleo Alpini Fluviali), several drivers were stuck in the cars in the flooded streets.

The emergency continues in the area of ​​Verona after the storm that struck between late afternoon and last night. The rain continued to fall heavily during the night and then even in the morning. The heaviest situations concern the east and the Valpolicella, two areas with a strong wine call. "At the moment it is premature to estimate the damage, but the fear is certainly high," said the Mayor of Soave, Gaetano Tebaldi. In the hamlet of Costeggiola, dozens of families found their homes invaded by water that reached a height of two meters. At least thirty other families have been affected by flooding. Two teams of civil protection, the municipal staff and the municipal police are at work. The Tramigna river flows regularly and the landfill is open to supply the flooded material. On the way to the fraction of Fittà, 180 mm of water fell and there were some landslides. Serious problems in Monteforte d & # 39; Alpone, which in 2010 together with Soave was struck by the flooding of All Saints and then by two other floods. Dozens of garages and basements have been invaded by water, many roads are impassable and landslides have occurred. In just over three hours, the Alpone level has risen by almost one and a half meters. The mayor Gabriele Marini has activated the crisis unit with the support of the Consorzio technicians recovering high Venetian plains.

The peak of precipitation was recorded in Santa Maria di Negrar, in Valpolicella, where 178 mm of water fell in just over two hours. The wave of bad weather puts the next harvest of the esteemed Amarone at risk. The hamlets of the municipality of Valpolicella were continually beaten by the rain that caused landslides. Even in Arbizzano dozens of houses have been flooded. The mayor Roberto Grison activated the emergency machine with a hundred men, who also arrived from other provinces, who went into the territory to solve the problems. In a note, the Veronese Reclamation Consortium underlined that "the Arbizzano progno was cleaned only a week ago, but 170 millimeters of water are uncontrollable, the dry stone walls are blown in different places, and the foresters, if the weather will be mild tomorrow, will In the meantime, the Veronese Reclamation Consortium, even if it is not isolated, has intervened to free an obstruction that prevents the progno of Avesa, Lorì, for which the Avesa cycle path is completely flooded. "

Nearly 300 requests for intervention were filed with the Civil Protection and Fire Brigade after the storms that struck Verona yesterday afternoon, Valpolicella is about ten municipalities in the east and west of Verona. In some parts of the territory of Verona authentic water bombs & # 39; precipitated, which dumped to 170 millimeters of rain in two hours, causing the waterways to swell dangerously. The Alderman for Civil Protection of Veneto, Gianpaolo Bottacin, reports that there are 41 voluntary teams on the ground, with 164 men at work. From this morning there are 31 teams from the provinces of Verona, Vicenza, Padua and Rovigo, with 124 volunteers. Another 64 volunteers from 16 teams (11 from the province of Padua and 5 from the province of Verona) are ready to take over the helm. "I would like to say a lot of thanks – says Bottacin – to all civil protection volunteers, who alternate with great generosity tonight.We now think to close the emergency and save people and things and we continue to follow the situation, in a strict sense • contact with all interesting local authorities.In the coming days we will do an even more thorough investigation into the damage and critical situations, including through helicopter flights to verify the existence of landslides. "

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