Zingaretti: «Changing name of the Democratic Party? I do not exclude it »

Change the name of the Democratic Party? "I will not exclude it, but only at the end of a path where we will see what we have become.If this path leads to another identity, we will also see if the name is changed in the Democratic Party." say that it is Nicola Zingaretti who speaks on the stage of Versiliana in Marina di Pietrasanta (Lucca) at the feast of the Do it daily. The President of the Lazio Region confirmed his intention to be party secretary during the interview with Peter Gomez.

«Let's open an equation with the 5 stars»

"Maybe the problem was just to change leaders – the governor went on – The theme is much more complex, we want to build a party that has to go far beyond the existence or not of a leader, or democracy consists of democratic parties whether democracy is impoverished and here there is the degeneration for which we occasionally place ourselves in the hands of a leader, or rather a leader. "" The cultural challenge is to reopen the discussion with tens of thousands and thousands of people, "Zingaretti said, and added: "I think we should enter into a confrontation with the M5S, not for power agreements, but for a cultural challenge. A new political challenge must also serve to address a part of that electorate. "

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