Zingaretti: "I do not want to change the name, I want to be a secretary"

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"It is far from me to ask the problem of the name of this party." A political issue corresponds to the name and I want to be the secretary of the Democratic Party. "Nicola Zingaretti at the Area Dem convention in Cortona, launches once and for all his race to the highest armchair of the Nazarene." I said that, the rest are caricatures, we have to respect each other because it requires a lot of courage, a lot of passion, we have to fight the fake news of the opponents and fight together. We do not trust the idea that history has already been written. but tomorrow belongs those who have the courage to invent it, that is for us ", he added, greeted by a long applause.

"I do not want to connect myself with the five stars"

"It is clear that I do not want to connect myself to the Five Stars, I have defeated the Five Stars twice," said the Governor of Lazio, "I fought to defend our community, to defend Renzi and Calenda." Our credibility: building an agenda to restore hope, we have saved Italy, it must not be denied, but the amount of wealth produced has collapsed and inequalities have increased in our country, like never before in the post-war period. & # 39; increase in the gap between those who have and those who have and covers every aspect of the daily life of our families, from the difficulty of access to treatment to work, we have underestimated this and this theme has old roots.

"The outcome of the congress, for the names and the leaders, must be a comparison of the ability to make a proposal that makes us credible," continued Zingaretti, "we need to change to be more credible and develop three innovations: work immediately and together on a new, clear, different economic and social position of our reformism that brings together the value of the person, bringing together the words growth and equality, the production of wealth and its redistribution ".

"Huge risks for democracy"

"In this decade we have been in charge of the globalization processes that have caused the loneliness that people have observed, and when politics does not solve the problems of people's loneliness, anti-politics waves those fears against the same democracy," he said. still Zingaretti, "the risks to Italian democracy are huge because there are huge expectations of this government and together there is absolute inability to meet these expectations." This absolute inability is clear because, firstly, the government contract it is unrealizable, it creates illusions, no hope, within that contract there are different ideas to deal with the problem Secondly, Salvini does not want to apply the contract but to realize its political program This indecisiveness leads Italy to default but failing in this government, anyone who thinks you will return to look at us is wrong … After Weimar, democracy is not reborn because you are in Bermuda to watch the Grand Prix Formula One ".

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