Zingaretti re-starts his candidacy as secretary of the Democratic Party

Nicola Zingaretti he tried the pd and with a view to the Congress to which he will apply secretary earning the ovation from the public AreaDem, the powerful stream of Dario Franceschini and Piero Fassino. If it is not a small approval, we will miss it. "We can do it if we change, I am convinced," he said Governor of Lazio in Cortona (Arezzo), pushing to restore the party and appeal to Italians to participate in the process.


Alliances are necessary, "it is not true that everything that is not a PD is an enemy of the Democratic Party," said Zingaretti. "ally It is a nice word. "But nothing matches with M5s. "I have defeated them twice," he recalled. The idea and the president of Lazio is to be voters without changing the name of the Democratic Party. "These are caricatures," he said, rejecting the theme. in Tuscany Etruscan the Dem convened by theformer Minister of Culture Franceschini met three days to talk and make self-criticism to start again, not to disappear like that mysterious civilization.


«Oxygen» is the debate according to Franceschini, who embraced Zingaretti at the end of the speech. "We can do it," he told him from the podium. Lunch the day before with the secretary Maurizio Martina it is another signal. "Let's not go back to that annoying feeling moral superioritythat irritates the skin is one of the ills of the left, "begged Franceschini, and enough with theAventino, as spectators and owls. "Popcorn is over, you can not eat anymore," he warned. "We could have done a lot to bypass the populist alliance, but instead we threw the M5S in Salvini's arm."


The goal is to fit in the oppositions between cinquestelle and Lega. "We have to fight, nothing but subordination," Zingaretti insisted. «It is subordinate who uses the same tools in the internal struggle that we criticize in the cinquestelle». Critical references to renzismo in abundance, but no one has the rottamatore. The president of Lazio has promised "growth and justice to win back our people" and that he will concentrate on that young. Also on the web: «I want a party that is the best on the internet». But no alliances with M5's, in response to the fears of the former minister Carlo Calenda, registered on 4 March at the Democratic Party. "I want to talk to those who have left us," said Zingaretti. The appointment for him will be in Rome on the 13th and 14th convention who will launch his candidacy to lead the Democratic Party. For the entire party, always in the capital, the test on the square against the government 29.

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