From last year to this year, Osaka Prefectural Police suspected they had violated anti-prostitution law and said they “stood” in and around “Izumi no Hiroba,” a popular meeting place in the underground shopping district of Umeda, Osaka. According to an interview with detectives on the 5th, a total of 61 women aged 17 to 64 were arrested for the current crime. After his release, he received documents on the same charges and was sentenced to a fine.

The area around Izumi Square was extensively renovated last year, including the removal of the symbolic fountain, and it has been a year since it reopened on the 5th. Since there is a hotel district nearby, an investigation official said, “Because morale is disrupted and security deteriorates, it has long been a problem to discover in one of the best places in Osaka.”

There were many complaints from local shop owners, and prefecture police arrested a total of 61 people from May last year to February this year, including Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo, Kagawa and Nagasaki prefectures. In addition to students, they were office workers, housewives and employees of customs shops. “I wanted a livelihood” and “I wanted to repay my debt,” he said, and everyone admitted the charges.

In November last year, Osaka Prefecture Police arrested a senior member of the Yamaguchi-gumi group, a gangster assigned to a specific conflict, who was responsible for resolving the conflict between female and male clients awaiting prostitution. According to an investigative official, a man collected 5,000 yen a day from a woman as a “mikajime fee” for prostitution, and even if found, he made about 22.5 million yen in five months. (Joint)