Don Quixote’s PS5 lottery reservation campaign kicks off today at noon on November 24th! –GAME Look

Don Quixote will start the raffle reservation acceptance campaign on the official “majica app” today from November 24th at 12:00 PM. The reception period is until November 26 11:59 PM.

There are two types of products that are eligible for this raffle: “PlayStation 5” and “PlayStation 5 Digital Edition”. It is a raffle reservation only for members of the “majica app”.

The sign up method is to request a raffle reservation from the sign up page in the app after registering the “majica app”. If you request a lottery multiple times with the same account, it will be one request and all requests with multiple accounts from the same household and person will be invalid. In addition, it is necessary to track the designated receiving store on the app. Those who have won the “PS5 majica app lottery reservation” from October 12th to 18th will not be eligible for this lottery.

Winning results will only be communicated to the winners via a message in the “majica app” from 10am to 2pm on December 11th. The purchase deadline is December 20.

□ Click here for a list of “target stores” for the PS5 lottery booking campaign

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