“Dragon Quest X Thorny Priestess and the God of Destruction Online”, new information release of the next major update “Version 5.4”. Part of the story and new profession revealed

Square Enix is ​​an online RPG in use today (December 1, 2020)“Dragon Quest X Thorn Priestess and God of Destruction Online”Next big update of (PC / PS4 / Nintendo Switch / Wii U),“Version 5.4”New information has been released.

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Version 5.3.6The Resurrection of the BraveThan,“Brave of Astortia”WhenDemon King of the Demon WorldMeet,“The source of great darkness”In version 5.4, adventurers are challenged to counter their mighty power.“Six Saints”I’m going to the mysterious hidden village that has arisen.
The “Six Sacred Teams” have drawn the strength of adventurers from different parts of Astortia, but their goal is to train fighting warriors in preparation for the battle with the “source of great darkness.” mythology fought the “source of great darkness”.LeaderIt is said that you will meet.

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It looks like the story of the demon world is finally in working order, but in version 5.4 it becomes a new profession.“Magic”Will join the game.
Detailed information about the magical swordsman who is good at dealing with darkness and whose power is the pain given to the opponent will also be released, so if you are looking forward to the update, check out the release statement below.

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* All screens are under development.
* All screens are for Windows.

Online RPG “Dragon Quest X” where players from all over the country develop adventures in one world.
This time we will provide new information on the next major update “Version 5.4”!
Not to mention the latest stories, this update brings new professions!

Version 5.4.3Part of the story has been released!
The story of is finally entering the climax!

In version 5.3 “The Hero of Astortia” and “The Demon King of the Demon World” met, and finally “The Source of Great Darkness” appeared. To counteract the mighty force known as “the source of all magic,” we go to a new place that we have not yet seen. It is a mysterious hidden village that has spawned the “Six Holy Teams” that have imposed various trials on adventurers!

The whole forest is surrounded by a mysterious fog and blocks the way for visitors. This fog has isolated Finnetka, the city of lights, which has existed long since the mythical era, from this world.
Silver Forest, Light Town Finnetka
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“Gin no Mori” spreads beyond the silver hills of the Pukuland continent. Let’s go deeper, relying on the petals of light pouring out of the image of the goddess.
Silver forest
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The “Six Holy Teams” have been fighting the “source of great darkness” since mythological times.
Not only they, but also many of their disciples are from this city.
Finetoka, the land of the six holy camps
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Six sacred teams serving the goddess Lutiana are gathering!
In addition, a person appears who bundles them!

The six sacred camps scattered across Astortia have harnessed the strength of adventurers at the turning points of the story. Their goal is to educate fighting warriors to prepare for the fight against the “source of great darkness.” Introducing their leaders who have fought the “source of great darkness” since the mythical era!

Gokuten Empress
CV: Satomi Arai

The Gokuten Empress who gathers the six holy camps and is also the oldest of Finnetka, the city of light. He has a tremendous amount of knowledge that has been passed down since the mythical age, and is the key to counteracting the “source of great darkness.”
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With the coming battle on the horizon, the story of the birth of Astortia, an ancient tale, will be told from the mouths of the Six Holy Teams.
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A new profession joins “DQX”!
Manipulate the power of darkness
“Magic”Is here!

In addition to the story of the demon world heading to the climax, version 5.4 also includes the highly anticipated new profession for all adventurers! The demon swordsman is good at dealing with darkness attributes and is a profession whose strength is the pain given to the adversary. Detailed information on such a new profession will be released prior to the version upgrade!

The real Grand Zedora Kingdom, a “sword bar” that sits quietly behind a particular alley.
The first step to becoming a magical swordsman is to fulfill the request of Agatha, the master of the bar.
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The magical swordsman fights with a ‘one-handed sword’, ‘dagger’, ‘two-handed sword’, ‘sickle’ and ‘shield’. In addition, wear a “dark veil” that greatly enhances yourself with the “devil vibration” that is typical of the magical swordsman!

The meter at the bottom left of the screen is “Magic Wave”. By “damaging the enemy”, the gauge gradually builds up, and when the gauge is full, you’re done!
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Fortify yourself with the “Veil of Darkness” and take a powerful hit!
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“Magic”Unique skill line
Some special skills that can be learned with “How” are released!

“Dark continuous attack” that chops the enemy with a blade that has the power of darkness.
It is a constant attack with a dark quality.
Dark barrage
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Adventurers can finally use the famous achievements of the “Dragon Quest” series that counteract the good effects of their opponents!
How about staying
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“Dark Matter” is a range technique aimed at the magical swordsman. In addition, it is a powerful feat that also has the effect of reducing the opponent’s resistance to the Darkness attribute.
Dark matter
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