F1 Bahrain GP 1st free run Result: Mercedes F1 starts one-two. The top of Honda F1 is Pierre Guthrie[F1-Gate.com]

F1 Bahrain GP 1st free run Result: Mercedes F1 starts one-two, Pierre Guthrie is the top of the Honda F1 team

The first free run of the 2020 F1 World Championships Round 15 F1 Bahrain GP took place on Friday, November 26 at the Bahrain International Circuit, with Luis Hamilton (Mercedes) setting the fastest time.

There are only three races left for the 2020 F1 World Championship. The curtain closes with a triple header: a series of two races in Bahrain and a series of battles in Abu Dhabi. The Bahrain International Circuit, which is the stage of its focus, was completed in 2004 and held the first F1 Grand Prix in April of the same year.

The track consists of a 1 km straight and 12 turns, and requires excellent aerodynamic performance and traction. In addition, there is a height difference of 18 meters due to the course and ups and downs have been arranged here and there. As of 2014, it will be held as a twilight race starting in the evening and a dramatic battle will be fought. The circuit is located in the desert and grip has been weakened by the sand flying over the track, and the power source must also avoid the influence of sand particles, which poses a specific challenge for the area.

Pirelli has brought a compound in the middle of the C2 (hard), C3 (medium) and C4 (soft) ranges to the F1 Bahrain GP. You must use C2 or C3 in the final. Also this week, the C3 compound from 2021 will be tested for the first and second free practice. Two sets of unmarked prototype tires will be given to each team, requiring at least six time laps in two sessions.

Sahir on Friday is a cloudy sky. The 90-minute FP1 session started in dry conditions with a temperature of 26.1 degrees, a road surface temperature of 27.2 degrees and a humidity of 58.9%. It was raining a little, but it had no effect on the road conditions.

In the FP1 session, Alfa Romeo replaced Kimi Raikonen with Robert Kubiza and Williams replaced George Russell with Roy Nissany. Some teams set up sensors and started sessions. It looks like he is preparing for the next season at the track he knows without permission, along with Pirelli’s 2021 specification tires.

The tire program is incoherent and even if it turns into a turning point, it rides prototype tires, and while it’s a session when it’s not running in qualifying and final, each team surprisingly (?) Seriously runs the test. Meanwhile, Pierre Guthrie of Alpha Tauri Honda put 1 minute 30 seconds 049 in the medium and temporarily took the lead, but soon the Mercedes wearing the same medium (Hamilton / 1 minute 29.033, Bottas 1 Minute 29 seconds 482) was in the range from 1 minute to 29 seconds.

Max Felstappen turns in the last corner with prototype tires to create a flat spot and replaces with soft tires to advance the session.

The top time of the first free run was 1’29.033 by Luis Hamilton (Mercedes), followed by teammate Bartelli Bottas in 0.449 seconds, and Mercedes finished the first session in a one-two system. It can be said that the champion team is the one that gives a solid and stable time at the initial setup.

3rd place is Sergio Perez, a race point with a difference of 0.967 seconds. Perez, who won the podium in 2nd place in the previous F1 Turkey GP, remained strong. McLaren’s Carlos Saints followed in 4th place.

The 5th fastest time is Pierre Guthrie of Alpha Tauri Honda. After running 34 laps, he recorded 1 minute 30 seconds 049, which is 1,016 seconds behind the top. It is the fastest time among the Honda F1 teams and it is almost 0.031 seconds behind Carlos Saints.

The 6th time is Max Felstappen from Red Bull Honda. In the second half of the session, the machine is often placed on the work table to check the floor, and the session is completed earlier than other drivers, completing the run in 18 laps, which is the minimum in FP1. Teammate Alexander Alban was in 7th place, 0.008 seconds behind.

Esteban Okon (Renault) was 8th, Lance Stroll (Racing Point) was 9th and Daniel Ricardo (Renault) was 10th, with teams competing for 3rd place with the Constructors. Charles Leclerc is 11th and Sebastian Better is 12th.

The second free run of the F1 Bahrain GP will be held at midnight (6pm local time).

2020 Round 15 F1 Bahrain GP Free execution 1st result / time

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