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CFD Sales Co., Ltd. will release GIGABYTE brand and expert GeForce RTX 3060 Ti video cards on December 2. All prices are open prices.

GIGABYTE brand has four products, “GV-N306TAORUS M-8GD”, “GV-N306TGAMING OC PRO-8GD”, “GV-N306TGAMING OC-8GD” and “GV-N306TEAGLE OC-8GD”. Expected retail prices excluding tax are expected to be around 62,500 yen, 55,980 yen, 53,980 yen and 52,480 yen respectively.

Of these, the GV-N306TAORUS M-8GD is equipped with an “LCD edge view” which can display the status on the LCD. The GV-N306TGAMING OC PRO-8GD and GV-N306TGAMING OC-8GD are equipped with the WINDFORCE 3X cooling system, and the GV-N306TEAGLE OC-8GD is equipped with the WINDFORCE 2X cooling system. The core clocks are set at 1,800 MHz, 1,770 MHz, 1,740 MHz, and 1,695 MHz in that order.




From the expert-oriented, two models of “GG-RTX3060Ti-E8GB / DF” and “GK-RTX3060Ti-E8GB / WHITE” have been released to the general public from the gaming brand “GALAKURO GAMING”. Projected retail prices net of tax are expected to be around 50,480 yen and 52,800 yen respectively. The core clock is 1,665 MHz for the former and 1,710 MHz for the latter.

GG-RTX3060Ti-E8GB / DF


Both GIGABYTE and expert-oriented products use GDDR6 with 14 Gbps memory, 8 GB capacity and 256 bit bus width.

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