God times storm! Rankings “Most Favorite Episode” Selected By Viewers of Anime “Devil’s Blade” (Futaman +) – Yahoo! News

  1. God times storm! ‘Most Favorite Episode’ ranking selected by viewers of the anime ‘Devil’s Blade’ (Futaman +)Yahoo! News
  2. The last part of “Devil’s Blade” When do you “concentrate”?FNN Prime Online
  3. Asahi Sadako, Yomiuri is also impressed by the author of Sumijiro’s “Devil Advertising”Nikkan Sports
  4. The final 23 volumes of “Devil’s Blade” are released. Prefectural bookstore, no customers (Tokushima Shimbun)Yahoo! News
  5. A flood of fans looking for the last part of “Devil’s Blade”. Some stores sold out earlyGifu newspaper
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