Hayabusa 2 “Mission 100% Complete” | Nittele NEWS24 –Nittele NEWS24

  1. Hayabusa 2 “I was able to complete 100% of the mission” | Nittele NEWS24Nittele NEWS24
  2. “Data is approaching the origin of life”. The sample analysis team also expects Hayabusa 2Jiji Press News
  3. “Treasure” brought by Hayabusa 2 Is it a clue to knowing the origin of life?Sankei News
  4. “Data approaching the origin of life” = expectations of the sample analysis team – Hayabusa 2MSN Entertainment
  5. Hayabusa 2, Capsule landed in Australia before dawn on December 6. Australian National University cooperated (December 5, 2020) | BIGLOBE NewsBIGLOBE News
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