Integrated game machine with 8-inch screen from Capcom? “Retro Station” posted on the Japanese version of Amazon Engadget

Suddenly, the page of Capcom’s in-screen game console “RETRO STATION” was released on Amazon in Japan. It is a game machine pattern that each contains 5 titles from the company’s popular “Rockman” and “Street Fighter” game series, for a total of 10 titles.

The reason why I introduced “pattern” here is that there was almost no rumor that it was in development let alone the announcement by Capcom. Chances are, something will go wrong, and it’s still unclear if it will be released at this point (although it is unlikely to be released from the photos released at the same time).

The release date is “December 1, 2020” the same page, no clues about the price. Given the trend of “game machines are bought by reservation,” which has become the standard for good or bad these days, it seems unlikely that they will be released suddenly in about a week.

▲ The screen looks bigger than it should be compared with the stick length. It seems that 8 inches is certainly possible. And “TRON” in the logo at the bottom of the screen is …

The feature of this machine is that it is a screen-integrated type, but it has a format not found in comparable game models so far.

Because from the outside it looks like a miniature game console like SNK’s “NEOGEO mini” and Sega Toys “Astrocity Mini”, but the published specifications have a phrase “8 inch big screen”. In front of. If this is true, the Neo Geo Mini is about 3.5 inches and the Astrocity Mini is about 4 inches, which is quite large.

▲ The controller is a 6-button stick, if the width of the main body is really about 33cm, it looks like there is more space in the area than that.

Actually, the case size described on the Amazon page is “329 x 280 x 315mm”, and the bottom part is comparable to a 13-14 inch notebook PC. In that case, the controller (6-button joystick) shown in the photo is also a bit small, but it looks like it’s big enough to play without having to worry about the controller’s small size.

At the same time, there is also a sentence in the introductory text: “It is equipped with a high-quality speaker with super-heavy bass, and it is just as powerful as a game center.”

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Incidentally, I am interested in the games that are included, but the list published on the product page contains the following 10 titles. Since the original title is an English version, the Japanese version title is added at the end in parentheses.

■ Rockman (MEGAMAN) series

  • Mega Man The Power Battle

  • Mega Man 2 The Power Fighters (Rockman 2 The Power Fighters)

  • Mega Man X (Rockman X)

  • Mega Man football

  • Mega Man & Bass (JAPANESE CONSOLE VERSION) (Rockman & Forte Japan version)

■ Street Fighter Series

  • Street Fighter II

  • Street Fighter II’Champion Edition

  • Super Street Fighter II

  • Super Street Fighter II Turbo (Super Street Fighter IIX)

  • Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (Super Puzzle Fighter IIX)

…… Looking at this, some people may feel like they are “entwined from start to finish” (sorry). Personally, I honestly thought “I wonder if this is true …” because Rockman’s main series is only the first X, and both Spa II unbranded and Spa IIX are (again) included. I apologize).

Considering this line-up with only 5 titles in each series, I was wondering, “Maybe it’s a series-oriented project?”

Further, in the case of titles that include arcades and home use, I also wonder which one was recorded or mixed (the word “Game Center” was mentioned in the speaker’s introductory text above. Therefore, there is a possibility that the arcade version is prioritized).

This is of course based on the premise that “if this list is true.” There are of course still many uncertainties.

▲ On the back is a large Capcom logo. The connections at the bottom are DC input (AC adapter), headphone jack and HDMI output from the description. Is it a hidden point that the power supply is not USB (is the power required large due to the screen?)

And another mysterious point is that I don’t know what kind of policy it is regarding the Battle of the Strike II series. That’s because I can’t find a terminal that could add more controllers from the photos currently available.

Fortunately the product page shows the top surface and 4 sides, but as far as I can tell, the main unit’s connections are the DC input (AC adapter) and headphones on the bottom of the back, HDMI video output. It only exists.

Of course “the terminal for the controller is mounted on the bottom, not seen in the picture” “The yellow circular covers on the left and right of the screen or the groove on the side is a cover, and the terminal is prepared when it opens “” Bluetooth host Chances are it has a function.

Rather, it’s unlikely that the strike II series gaming machines are unaware of battle, so there must be a means. Around this time, the logo “RETRO STATION TRON” is provided at the bottom of the screen (only the Rockman function is related to Tron-chan from the DASH series …?) Is a place that captures your imagination.

▲ The left side has this shape. The curve at the back of the screen gives a retro-future impression (although it is a liquid crystal, it has a depth size like a brown tube).
▲ This is the right side. It looks like there is a USB socket in the groove at the bottom of the stick, but …

Although there are still many mysteries, including the price, “Retro Station” is very interesting because of its size, which is integrated with the screen and the stick, but not a thumbnail, and the purpose not seen in conventional gaming machines. I’m sure it’s one thing.

Besides, isn’t it that aggressive with these types of products? Although Capcom is under the impression that it is in fact also a manufacturer that is casually developing interesting things, such as the release of the joystick integrated game machine “CAPCOM HOME ARCADE” which can play 16 arcade version titles in the UK.

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