It is possible to upgrade to the next generation version of “Borderlands 3”. Free for Xbox One version, 100 yen including tax for upgrade from PS4 version

RPG shooting developed by 2K and Gearbox Software“Borderlands 3”(PlayStation 4 / Xbox One),Next generation machine versionTo (PlayStation 5 / Xbox Series X)upgradeIs now possible.

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To write it again, the Xbox One version and PS4 version of Borderlands 3 are free for the Xbox series and 100 yen including tax for the PlayStation series.(※)You can upgrade to the next generation version. All DLC and save files can be migrated to the next generation of the same family (however, the package version requires Xbox Series X or PS5 with a disc drive).

* The upgrade from PS4 version to PS5 version was free (related article), but the upgrade has been changed to paid version due to unfair pricing and unfair display prevention law in Japan.

This time a new DLC that enables a different game by introducing a new skill tree for each vault hunter“It’s a designer cut and it’s a haha!”(Related article), The best murder show in the galaxy, with a ‘low-gly gaming experience’Shrouting Spree: A total of 4 types of “all new character models” are registered, one for each vault hunter.Multiverse final form style packInformation has come in again, so let’s check it too.

A new era has arrived! The next generation haha ​​is coming!

A new era has arrived! The next generation haha ​​is coming!
Upgrade to the next generation version, the latest DLC content, new edition, etc. Appear in “Borderlands 3”

“Borderlands 3” Ultimate Edition and Super Level Up Edition, Upgrade to Next Generation Version, New DLC “Designer’s Cut and Haha!”, And Custom Item “Final Form Style Pack” is finally available!

Today, 2K and Gearbox Entertainment have revamped the popular RPG shooter game “Borderlands 3”, added new content, custom items and new editions and upgraded to optimize for next-generation machines. Click here to watch the “Next Generation Hacher” trailer introducing you to this exciting content.
You can also check out the new Season Pass 2 trailer here.

Upgrades to the next generation of Borderlands 3 are already available for Xbox Series X and Series S and PlayStation 5.

The new Borderlands 3 is fully optimized to take full advantage of the processing power of the next generation of game consoles and bring a new dimension of premium graphics experience to the world of Borderlands. I will. In Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, single play and online co-op play from “Borderlands 3” are displayed at up to 4K / 60fps, and all next generation machines are displayed in split screen for 3 and 4 player local multiplayer. It corresponds with. Additionally, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Series S also support two-player split-screen play, and PlayStation 5 will be available to play in these modes as soon as it is released.

All players who own or purchase the main game of “Borderlands 3” and the next generation of gaming machines can upgrade the next generation between the same gaming machine families ** (free for Xbox series, free, In case of PlayStation series, it can be updated for 100 yen (including VAT)). All DLCs and save files can be migrated to the next generation of game consoles of the same family, so you can resume the game where you left off. However, if you have the packaged version of “Borderlands 3” you will need an Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 with a disc drive to take advantage of these features.

Plus, there is a new DLC “Designer’s Cut and Haha!” Which enables a different game by introducing a new skill tree for each jump fighter, and a challenging game that develops at a good pace. Starting today, Borderlands 3 also includes the galaxy’s deadliest show, Shroud Spree, with a rogue-like gaming experience with settings that are constantly changing with random elements. In this challenging new game mode, Shroud Spree, players are thrown into a new zone with all their equipment removed and killed to get new treasures. On the other hand, players who want to experience a new level of shooting combat and loot acquisition in the main story of “Borderlands 3” will educate the original vault hunter using the added new skill tree. can do. Each Skill Tree offers exciting new action skills and unprecedented passive skills.

・ New Skill Tree:
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・ “Shrouting Spree”:
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The DLC “Designer’s Cut and Haha!” Can be purchased separately and is also included with Season Pass 2. Season Pass 2 includes two all-new DLCs, “Designer’s Cut and Haha!” And “Director’s Cut and Haha!”, As well as new customization items. Both Season Pass 2 and “Designer’s Cut, Haha!” Already available for purchase and compatible with PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S. The release of “Director’s Cut and Haha!”, With additional missions, end game content and behind the scenes bonuses, is scheduled for next spring. The main game of “Borderlands 3” is required to play Season Pass 2, “Designer’s Cut and Haha!” And “Director’s Cut and Haha!” To play.

In addition, the “Multiverse Final Form Style Pack” is also available from today. Unlike previous custom DLCs, these packs include a total of four brand new character models, one for each vault hunter. What is expressed in the final form is a figure on another world line, created by imagining “What if they weren’t vault hunters?” These new custom items can be freely combined with other bodies and heads, and are also compatible with existing skins. If you would like to know more about the final form, click here.

In addition to being included in Season Pass 2, the “Multiverse Final Form Style Pack” is also included in the recently released “Borderlands 3” Ultimate Edition, where you can enjoy the real thrill of “Borderlands 3”. We are here. The Ultimate Edition is a great edition that includes all award-winning main games, various bonus customization packs, Season Pass and Season Pass 2 including 6 great DLCs. Additionally, the “Borderlands 3” Super Level Up Edition exclusive to console machines, which includes the main game and the “Multiverse Final Form Style Pack”, is also newly released and available for purchase.

The Ultimate Edition is currently compatible with PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, and the Super Level Up Edition is currently compatible with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S. Both editions are starting today. available for PlayStation 5 in the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea, and on Thursday, November 19 in other countries and regions. (Both editions are digital only in Japan)

Finally, as a thank you to everyone who made this game so much more exciting, for those who own or are going to buy the “Borderlands 3” Super Deluxe Edition or the traditional Season Pass 1. We give you a “Multiverse Final Form Style Pack” at no extra cost! (The game itself of “Borderlands 3” is required to play)

The rating of “Borderlands 3”, developed by Gearbox Entertainment, is CERO Z. Visit for screenshots, key art and other visual material. For more information about the game, visit An online account (13 years and older) is required to use the online features. For more information, visit and

Notification of changes related to upgrade from PS4 version to PS5 version of “Borderlands 3”

Recently I told you in a mail news from “Borderlands 3” that the upgrade from the PS4 version to the PS5 version is free, but this time Japan’s Law on Unfair Gifts and Unfair Display Prevention is in response to the decision regarding the the above it has been decided that the upgrade of the PS4 version from “Borderlands 3” to the PS5 version in Japan will be changed to a paid service. The cost of the upgrade is 100 yen (including VAT).

This upgrade is available anytime after Thursday, November 12, the release date of the next generation model. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Look here for other details.

2K is a sales label owned by Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTWO).

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