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MotoGP | Tech 3, Toro · Rosso Showing 2019 machine with F1 color 【F1-Gate.com】

MotoGP Tech 3 Toro Rosso F1

Tech 3 · Racing, which participates in the MotoGP, will take place on 12 February (Tuesday) at the City Hall in Muttihofen, Austria with the headquarters of KTM, in collaboration with Red Bull, KTM, Factory Racing, Red Bull, KTM and Ajo in the town hall We held a recital. She demonstrated Blue × Silver staining that was used in the F1-Scuderia Toro Rosso F1 machine.

Tech 3 has entered into a technical alliance with KTM for three years now and receives support from the Austrian energy drink Red Bull and participates in Red Bull KTM · Tech 3 in the 19th season.

At the team presentation, the 24-year-old Malaysian driver Hafice · Charlin, who is the second year of his appointment, is the 24-year-old Portuguese driver Miguel Oliveira, who won the second overall in the middle class, a prototype of a machine supplied by KTM I have shown the colors of "RC 16" for the first time.

The mother team KTM Factory Racing adopts the same Navy & Red coloring as Red Bull Racing in the F1.

Thomas Uberar, who is a motorsport manager for Red Bull, said that riders will be able to race in the same way that F1 drivers like Sebastian Vettel, Daniel Ricardo, Max Ferrstalpen, etc. were promoted from Toro Rosso to the main Red Bull Racing He says he expects to be able to build a schedule that can be promoted from Tech 3 to KTM.

"It is very nice that the two MotoGP teams are together," remarked Thomas Uberar.

"One team is fighting for the podium, so we have already achieved this last year (in Valencia), so we can say (Red Bull) Rookies Cup, Moto 3, Moto 2 and so on. I have a second team that can raise category riders."

"They can put the first step of the MotoGP with less pressure than the factory team, which we really want to do."

"We have already proven that model with four wheels and now we want to do almost the same in MotoGP, which guarantees future success, the first champion in the top class of MotoGP. I hope I can contact you. & # 39;

"The colors of the new season are very exciting, it is totally different from other cars, we will be the most prominent color team on the circuit, the day we jump to the circuit with this bike. it will shine the most under light, this look is really nice, I can not wait for the start of the season. "

Oliveira promoted to KTM and promoted to MotoGP class, said Oliveira "I am very happy with the new colors The motorcycle is great The look is just great The color that KTM and Red Bull have touched tags A nice project we have organized, it is very unique that two factory teams are on the grid, it is clear that KTM will dominate this class and the whole road race.It is a great honor to be able to participate as a member of this project I feel it is a privilege. "

Hafice · Charlin and Miguel · Oliveira, who will participate in the MotoGP class, will participate this year in the official test this year at the Rosail International Circuit which will organize the opening round of Qatar from 23 this year.

2019 type machine from KTM and Tech 3

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