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Negotiations on the answers to the Prime Minister, to establish a revised law on immigration control – Sankei News

Negotiate the Prime Minister's investigation responses, to introduce an amendment to the law on the prosecution of immigrants

The House of Council members repeatedly resumed its plenary session on the night of the revised draft immigration law to create a residence status to expand the acceptance of foreign workers and the House of Council members intermittently repaired the plenary and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe We have rejected both motions for resolutions against many opposition parties. The proposal to revise the law is expected to be approved in the plenary session of the House of Councils by the majority in favor of the ruling party in the early hours of the 8th. The ruling party intends to accept the proposed amendment to the Immigration Control Act after opening the legal committee of the House of Councillors in response to the rejection of the Prime Minister's responsibility. If the revision account that was the largest decision-making law was passed, the diet is closed without ending the session until the 10th. The House of Representatives of the House of Lords was held on the morning of July 7, and both opposition opposition parties opposing the ruling party and others opposing the ruling party, decided a resolution resolution by Shinichi Yokoyama Legal Affairs Committee (Komei) and Shigeru Didaka , Chairman of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries Commission (LDP) I did. The opposition party then submitted a bill to the Minister of Justice. The government party intended to resume the plenary session at 3.30 pm and decided to reject the draft responsibility, but the opposition party decided that Toshihiro Ozashi, director of the steering committee of the Council House (Liberal Democratic Party) (Constitutional Democratic Party) refused to be "rebellious" in a way that is close to violence. Mr. Oya decided to apologize and resigned from the director, after which the plenary session resumed at 7.30 pm. The deliberation time in the legal committee of the house-commissioners was 20 hours and 45 minutes, with which the deliberation time of 17 hours and 15 minutes in the Lower House was exceeded. Chief cabinet chief Yasuhiro Kan said at a press conference on 7 July: "With the growing serious shortage of small and medium-sized enterprises, creating a residence status to accept foreign talents is an urgent issue." ..

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