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On November 11, Apple announced the first Mac to use a chip closer to the “iPhone” than on a regular personal computer. There are three models, the 13-inch “MacBook Pro”, “Mac mini” and “MacBook Air”. That alone is exciting for technology enthusiasts, but the adoption of the proprietary chip is also a sign of future industry trends, whether you buy a Mac or not. Apple has said over the years that it will change the mindset of its computers. Starting with the machines just announced, we plan to do our very best to develop our own chips.

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Most people may not be interested in the changes made to the small chips on Mac computers, but this could mean a big change not only for Apple, but also for the technology industry. For the past 14 years, Apple has used Intel chips as CPUs for its notebooks and desktop computers. Apple has spent more than 10 years researching and developing this “M1” chip, which is close to the chip installed in iPhone and “iPad” and competes with Intel, and has acquired at least 1 billion companies . I spend dollars. This time, Apple’s first computer equipped with M1 was announced and pre-order acceptance has begun. Shipments are scheduled to begin next week.

“IPad Air” and “iPhone 12” use Apple’s “A14 Bionic” chip
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According to Apple, the M1 is more powerful and energy efficient, with the potential to make designs smaller and thinner, extend battery life and enable a variety of new technologies.

“Such a big step forward can only be achieved by making bold changes.” Apple CEO Tim Cook said at an Apple event on Thursday. Apple’s proprietary chips will also bring new technology to get “extraordinary battery life” out of the computer, and “this is exactly what we’re moving Macs to ‘Apple Silicon’. That’s why.”

Apple has been waiting for this moment for over a decade. Ever since co-founder Steve Jobs passed away in 2011, the company has been plagued by the question “now what?” Jobs has launched Mac computers and all-in-one desktops such as the iMac, iPod, iPhone and iPad. After his death, Apple’s biggest new product was the Apple Watch, which has become a huge company. Sales in 2019 far exceeded the overall Swiss watch industry. That said, it hasn’t had the massive impact on the world like the iPhone has.

By using the same chip and common code across all of the company’s devices, Apple can truly deliver a desktop, notebook, smartphone, and smartwatch experience. The company previously said that app developers only need to create one app, send it to all devices, and adjust the difference between keyboard and mouse operations and finger touch and gestures. Was there.

As a result, the definition of what a computer is and what it is for can become even more unclear.

Such changes have already begun to appear in Apple’s latest computer operating system, macOS 11 Big Sur. Big Sur has more icons, sounds and the overall look of the iOS operating system for iPhone. It will be released for free for recent Mac users on November 13.

“Today’s Mac is a product that competes with the PC.” That says Creative Strategies analyst Carolina Milanesi. “Once the new Mac behaves like an iPhone, it can be managed as an extension of an iOS device,” he said.

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