Nippon Television announcer Noa Iwamoto (29) reported his wedding live on “news zero” (Monday-Thursday 11pm, Friday 11.30pm) on the 11th.

At the end of the program, Yumiko Udo, a 51-year-old caster, said, “You are married to a world-class star who resembles former German national footballer Mest Ezil, right? Mr. Iwamoto,” a sign with a picture of Ezil on it printed. I shook the story to Anna Iwamoto.

Anna Iwamoto reported with a little embarrassment, “Thank you for preparing. I’m married this time. ‘ “I met a lot of nice family members during the interview, so I hope I can do that too. I will keep doing my best, so thank you.”

The other party, according to those involved, is Anna Iwamoto, who joined the company in 2014, and an employee who works at the sales office, who joined the company at the same time. After a dating period of about 7 years, he filed a marriage registry on the 11th.

Anna Iwamoto said through the same station: “This time we are getting married. We will work hard as employees of Nippon Television and will continue to work hard. We will continue to make changes in our lives. I would like to take a closer look at the daily news. and want to appreciate my consciousness at the same time. “