Ordinary system, new ATOK that can prevent “Machida City, Kanagawa Prefecture” imports ~ Works with Rosetta 2 on Mac with Apple Silicon – PC Watch

Just System Co., Ltd. will offer new features from the Japanese monthly billing entry system “ATOK Passport” starting today. “ATOK passport[ベーシック]The price of “” is 300 yen excluding tax, “the same[プレミアム]The monthly amount is 500 yen excluding tax and up to 10 devices can be used on Windows / Mac / Android devices.

In the Android version, “ATOK for Android”, which is only offered in the higher premium[Professional]]The “ATOK Deep Collect” supplied for the PC version is installed for the first time. Touch errors (misalignment, omissions) in swipe and gesture input are analyzed, corrected to the most natural Japanese, and candidates for guessing conversions are presented.

Automatically corrects input errors and omissions

In addition, the candidate list can be scrolled not only horizontally but also vertically depending on the settings.

Updates will be delivered on February 1, 2021 for Windows and Mac versions. It works with Rosetta 2 on Macs with Apple Silicon, but official support is planned.

In this new ATOK, if a city is entered that does not exist due to the user’s belief, it will be pointed out and an incorrect entry, such as ‘Makuhari City, Chiba Prefecture’ (actually Chiba City) or ‘Machida City, Kanagawa Prefecture’ (actually Tokyo). The keyword we are paying attention to this time is the “city” level, and “village” and “city” are not supported.

Designate a place name that does not exist

In addition, the ATOK deep core engine has been improved to support spoken words, such as expressions that omit auxiliary words during communication such as chat, without having to switch modes. In addition, it is equipped with a “missed point viewer” that allows you to check the points created by the calibration support later.

Correspondence of spoken language

Missed point viewer

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