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“PlayStation 5” released on November 12th

The last article related to PlayStation 5 just prior to release is “AV related features”.

We’ve already sent the actual machine report, but due to the fact that not all services were provided prior to release, the PlayStation Network (PSN) shopping feature, the “PlayStation Plus” paid service feature, and the audio regarding the ” media “summarizing the visual functions, the release of videos was not allowed.

However, now that it is on sale, it is now possible to publish these parts as well.

So here I will reveal 15 secrets, highlighting PS5’s AV related features, which have not been introduced much yet.

Secret 2: “Apple TV” is here

As a new element of PS5, an application has appeared that uses Apple’s video distribution. Besides watching video works purchased and rented through Apple, you can also use the subscription service “Apple TV +”.

Introducing the Apple TV app. Delivery of apps to TV companies began this year, and similarly, you can now watch movies borrowed from the iTunes Store on PS5.

Setup by linking accounts from iPhone etc.

Secret # 3: When working with the media remote …

A “media remote” is available as a peripheral for PS5. This kind of remote has been around since the PS2 era, but was only “used for a while” when playing discs. In fact, it wasn’t much better than a real controller.

“Media Remote” released at the same time as PS5. Actually, this time, a little secret in the UI …

The PS5 media remote has a little secret, though.

If you operate it with the media remote, the PS5 side will automatically display “media”. Conversely, if you operate Dual Sense, which is the controller, the “game” side will be displayed.

The point is that the “context of the content you want to control” is determined depending on the device you are controlling, and the game and media are used correctly.

Likewise, when the video disc is placed in the main body, it determines that “this is the media side you want to operate” and the screen is switched to “media”.

Secret 4: You can see recommended content on “TV and video”

There is an item called “TV and Video” and you can view a list of “Recommended for you” content provided by each service from here. Of course, selecting content here will take you directly to that content if you have viewing rights (such as subscribed).

“TV & Video” acts as a hub for various services, allowing you to jump straight from the recommended content list to the service.

Secret # 5: The “Control Center” keeps moving even while the video is playing

If you press the “PS button” while playing a video, the control center will be displayed. This is useful when you want to switch to a game or see new messages.

In addition, even here, the video is “smooth”, so you can get the message “while” working in a while. However, there are both media apps that can (like Apple TV) and apps that can’t (like Netflix).

Mediacenter can be displayed even while playing video

Secret # 6: “Media App” is treated differently

The control center has a feature called “app switching” that allows you to quickly switch between recently used games. Here you can see up to two “recently used media apps” as well as currently running apps and recently played games. Therefore, once you have decided which service to use, you can call it from the control center.

The game or app you are currently using is considered “active.” In addition, two games and two apps appear in the list.

Secret # 7: VR-related apps also appear in ‘media’

PlayStation VR is “support via PS4 compatible feature”, but for service apps such as video distribution in VR, there is a section called “VR and experience app” on the media side, and it is summarized there. ..

In the same group, VR video experience apps will also be introduced, such as video distribution apps.

Secret # 8: play music with “Spotify”

In principle, music is listened to via Spotify. To do this, you need to download the Spotify app. You can of course use it with a free plan.

Spotify app

For premium plan users, cross-device collaboration is also supported and songs playing on smartphones, tablets and PCs can be “played from PS5”.

Since it has the same functions as a smartphone app, it can also be linked by “moving the playback target from a smartphone or tablet to PS5”.

Firstly, SIE has been partnering with Spotify since the second half of PS4, positioning Spotify as a music service for PlayStation. Therefore, just like in the PS4 era, you can listen to music on Spotify while playing games.

On the other hand, in the PS4 era, calling up the menu was pretty tricky, but there was an item called “Music” in the control center, and it became easy to listen to music as it was immediately accessible.

You can play Spotify songs directly from the control center with few operations

Secret # 9: Listen to music stored in a USB memory

At first glance, it seems that music such as MP3 files stored in a USB memory cannot be played. However, the function is correctly implemented in “Music” in the control center.

If you create a folder named “MUSIC” in the USB memory and put music files in it, you can listen to “the music data you have” while playing the game.

Music files stored in the USB memory can be played from the control center

Secret # 10: The default “video recording” of the game is in WebM format

The PS5 can record videos while playing, at which point you can choose between the “WebM” format, which can reduce the data capacity, and the more common “MP4” format.

Secret # 11: Actually, the “controller microphone” is great

The PS5 controller Dual Sense has a built-in microphone. This is to use voice chat during the game. This sound quality is good. I haven’t tried to chat online because I can’t do it before it goes on sale, but as far as I can hear the recorded video, the quality of the sound from the microphone is very good.

Dual Sense is pretty bad for a “microphone environment”. There is a click button nearby and you can even hear the sound of the game. If they are mixed it will be difficult to hear the voice.

However, it is designed so that “other than voice” is not disturbed, and it seems that you can talk well using just the microphone built into the controller. It’s so natural that I don’t notice (actually, when I first listened to the recording), but when I think about it calmly, it’s a pretty comprehensive device.

Secret # 12: “My voice” can be included in the video of the game …

PS5 game video recording has options to add “party (voice chat) audio” and “include microphone audio”. It is a good function for recording arousal. You can enable the setting if necessary.

On the other hand, PSN has a feature called “trophy” that you can get by completing certain tasks in the game. Like PS4, PS5 can be set to automatically record a video at that time when a trophy is obtained. This can also be said to leave the “memory” of the game.

Actually, “Include microphone sound” is also effective here. Therefore, there is a possibility that when you get the trophy the video will also record the sound of yourself smiling and happy. I think this is an interesting element because it won’t be heard by others unless you share it yourself.

Decide carefully if you want to record video with ‘Include microphone audio’ turned on.

However, if you plan to share and never want others to hear your voice, uncheck “Include microphone voice”.

Secret # 13: Voice input and reading features are pretty excellent

PS5 supports voice input of characters and “reading out” (speech transcription).

Not only the software keyboard but also voice input can be used for input such as chat, but this accuracy is quite high. The controller’s microphone works here. The good quality of the microphone also means that it can be recognized with high accuracy. You can type naturally without wearing a headset or raising your voice.

I have tried voice input, you can enter so much text without re-entering it.

If you enable “Voice Scripture” in “Accessibility”, you can convert the chat voice of other players into characters and read the text you entered to other players.

If you use “Voice Scripture” in “Accessibility”, you can read messages aloud, etc.

Secret # 14: PS5 store is integrated with menu

“PlayStation Store” for purchasing games for PS5. In the past, the structure was such that a retail application existed, but in PS5, the store has been integrated into the menu unchanged.

PS5 PlayStation Store

This appears to be aimed at facilitating access to the store and facilitating the transition from the game to the store.

Secret # 15: If you have a PlayStation Plus subscription, you can watch the “Game Tips Video”

From the control center, details of the game you are playing are displayed in card format. It shows the progress of the chapter and the remaining “secrets”, but sometimes it shows a captured video.

However, this is when you are in “PlayStation Plus” which is a paid membership service. You can zoom in on the video or put it aside during the game.

During the game you can see “Game Video Tips”. Only for subscribers of the paid service “PlayStation Plus”

You can also play the game with the video on the right or the left

For PlayStation Plus subscribers, there is also a “PS PLUS Collection” where you can enjoy masterful PS4 titles at no extra cost, which is a very good service in terms of money (subscription 850 yen / month).

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