Red Bull F1 leaders “Continuous operation of Honda’s F1 engine is financially possible”[]

Red Bull F1 leaders

Helmut Marco, Red Bull F1 Motorsports Advisor, says it is financially possible to acquire Honda’s F1 bike in 2022 and run its own engine program.

After Turkey’s F1 GP, Helmut Marco headed straight from Istanbul to Japan to meet Honda, who will retire from F1 at the end of 2021.

Red Bull wants to take over the intellectual property rights and operations of Honda’s F1 engine and run its own program from 2022 to 2025 or 2026 until a completely new F1 engine regulation is introduced.

“Since 2022 I have been in Japan to come up with a financial concept whether I can use my own bike,” said Helmut Marco. Car photo Confirmed to.

“The outlook looks good and we can make it, but the deciding factor is whether the engine development will be frozen from 2022 onwards. Otherwise, we have this very complex. There is no capacity to serve different power units.”

‘It’s not blackmail. It is a fact.’

Renault, which was against the freeze at the end of last year, is not too keen, but says it is willing to “make compromises”. Meanwhile, Mercedes has already agreed to freeze the F1 engine from 2022, now followed by Ferrari.

However, as part of F1’s engine shutdown in 2022, Ferrari F1 team representative Mattia Binott has an “engine convergence” mechanism, or performance adjustment, for manufacturers struggling to catch up with their rivals. He thinks it’s necessary, and Mercedes is negative about that idea.

“I’m sure the easiest way is to regulate or adjust the fuel flow, but I don’t think we have come to a conclusion yet. That’s part of the discussion we’re having,” said Mattia Binott. Told.

Toto Wolff, team representative for Mercedes F1, fears the prospects and claims this is “the beginning of the end of F1”.

“Similar things happen at the DTM (German Touring Car Championship), but after the race I hear something like, ‘Well, I would have won if the car hadn’t had 5kg of ballast.’ ‘ Only “

“F1 must keep such situations as far away as possible.”

But Helmut Marco argues that Red Bull is not the only stakeholder pushing for new ways that motorcycle manufacturers will deal with it in the future.

“We weren’t the only ones lobbying,” says Helmut Marco.

“FIA and Liberty Media are also interested. Freezing will also cut costs significantly, so in the end there will only be winners.”

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