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Renault F1

Cyril Abitebourg, head of the Renault F1 team, says he hasn’t missed anything major against Red Bull, but that small differences are piled up to make the difference.

Cyril Abitebourg says the fact that the gap with Red Bull Racing has not been closed has nothing to do with Daniel Ricardo, but Ricardo, who has switched from Red Bull, has taken the whole garage to the next level.

“There is a perception in the outside world that drivers can be competitive once they join, but unfortunately they don’t work that way, resulting in a slight difference between machines.” And Cyril Abitebourg GP Racing Act upon. Explain that the difference with the top team is small, which is a few seconds difference.

“I’m not missing anything big against Red Bull. Unfortunately it’s a pile of a lot of small differences that Daniel has no control over. However, he doesn’t give the car a competitive edge. Brings a lot of other things like motivation.”

Cyril Abitebourg says he has benefited enormously from Daniel Ricardo driving Renault for two years.

“He’s a social person. We have a group of people who work very well. See the progress of his young racing engineer, Karel Ruth. It’s a remarkable increase and he’s his.” I’ve been able to scale my work, which depends a lot on the way he worked with Daniel, and the same goes for all of his sides of the garage. “

After lengthy questions about Renault’s commitment to F1 and its future, Cyril Abitebourg says it was a statement that he took Daniel Ricardo out of Red Bull.

“It was also important that we had no shelter since we hired Daniel. We know that some people in the F1 community had doubts about Renault’s commitment, both internally and externally, to partners, media and fans. important to make a statement

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