Suzuki, "Jimny Sierra Pickup Style" reference exhibition (Impress Watch) equipped with a courier at "Tokyo Auto Salon 2019"

Suzuki announces that "Jimny Survive" has adapted the new "Jimny" to "Tokyo Auto Salon 2019" at Makuhari Messe (Chiba Prefecture Chiba City Mihama Ward: January 11-13, 2019) Sierra "with a loading platform", Jimny Sierra Pickup Style ", etc.

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■ Reference exhibition car

Jimny Survive is based on the new Jimny and is a concept model that imagined the power of undergoing harsh conditions under extreme conditions and the image of a lonely world.

Moreover, the Jimny Sierra pick-up style based on the new Jimny Sierra is a concept model that has scenes in view that will function as a partner of yourself. DIY and other hobbies and different life situations, developed as a companion for users who need 4 WD performance and convenience of the courier.

"Swift Sports Yellow Reb" based on "Swift Sports" is an adult real sport model that evolved with "Champion Yellow", the image color of Swift Sports. It adopts "high chroma yellow pearl", which is the body color exclusive to the show model that expresses "ultimate yellow".

■ Commercial vehicle for commercial vehicles

In this Suzuki stand, in addition to 3 reference vehicles, 7 commercial vehicles are shown. For the new Jimny Sierra, Swift Sports, compact compact car "Crosby", the new Jimny, the new "Spacia Gear", "Hustler Wanderer" and "Alto Works" for a mini-passenger vehicle.

Car Watch, editorial: Kazuo Tsubakiyama

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