Unjash Ken Watanabe tomorrow from 7pm to press conference (ABEMA TIMES) –Yahoo! News

  1. Unjash Watanabe Ken Tomorrow from 7:00 pm to press conference (ABEMA TIMES)Yahoo! News
  2. If there’s a return interview for Ken Watanabe … Hiroaki Ogi asks the reporterlived
  3. The Unjash Watanabe Interview Office officially announced on the 3rd “I will explain a series of reports from the person himself”auone.jp
  4. Takeshi Watanabe “King’s Branch” fired, Shiori Sato MC in the futureNikkan Sports
  5. Hitoshi Matsumoto gets angry at the news of Ken Watanabe’s performance. Is the flight report a violation of the law?lived
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