Wednesday 11:00! Amazon resumes accepting reservations for PlayStation 5-GAME Watch resumed accepting reservations for PlayStation 5 Digital Edition after 11am on December 2. The price is 39,980 yen (excluding tax).

The PS5 Digital Edition is on sale again this time. As previously reported, Amazon has in the past resumed sales of PS5 “around 11am on Wednesdays,” but reservations have resumed under the rules.

Amazon recently announced that the PS5 (regular model), which was pre-ordered in November, will arrive after 2021, but the PS5 Digital Edition has been on sale ever since. The arrival time for this reservation is around mid-December and it looks like we can expect sales of the PS5 Digital Edition within the year.

PS5 will be sold almost once a week on Amazon on Wednesday, November 4, Wednesday, November 18, Tuesday, December 2, and Wednesday, December 2. There are many reports that I couldn’t buy it due to an error, although I was waiting, but if you want it, why not try and aim for “Wednesday 11am”?

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