“Xbox Game Pass Ultimate” includes PC version of a flat-rate play launched campaign for 100 yen for 3 months – for over 100 titles such as “Draque 11” and “DOOM Eternal” | Game * Spark

From December 4, Microsoft will launch a campaign for the subscription service “Xbox Game Pass Ultimate”, which will allow unlimited play of the targeted titles for the first 3 months from 100 yen until the end of January 2021 (around 25). It started in a limited way.

With “Xbox Game Pass Ultimate” you can play unlimited games for Xbox consoles, Windows 10 PCs in the Microsoft Store and electronic arts “EA Play” for a one-time monthly fee and Xbox. This is a subscription-type service that comes with a discounted price for purchasing Live Gold and eligible titles.

Normally the first month is 100 yen, but this campaign extends the period. The first 3 months are 100 yen. Even if you have used it in the past it will apply and after 3 months you will continue to use it at the normal rate of 1,100 yen. The targeted Xbox One compatible titles can also be played with compatible features on Series X | S.

Check this official website for a subscription.

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For other target titles, check out this official website.

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