【Core News】 Opposition party, left-wing press becomes "Ishihisa cheering team" Just by saying "Waiting" Constitution "Challenge nothing … I saw the same as ours!? – sack bag

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (President) and Shigefumi Ishihiro served as a vice-president of the Liberal Democratic Party president (7th announcement, 20th bompard). In most expectations, the victory of Prime Minister Shinzo will not shock, and the emphasis will be on "how far Mr. Ishihara is going to fight".

What is interesting is that the opposition party, supporters of the opposition party, the left-wing press all support Mr Ishihisa. Looking at the Kaoru school screaming: "Protect Article 9 of the Constitution", says Ishihisa, who argues for "de facto renegotiation of the constitutional amendment" in the presidential election, "encouraging ally".

Indeed, enemies are enemies ally.

It was the co-representatives of the National Democratic Party (then) who declared the support of Mr. Ishiaki worthy at a press conference. Mr Kohei Otsuka said at a press conference on 26 July: "I would like you to discuss the point that the Abe government is demoting democracy, I hope that Mr Ishihara will do his best."

Similarly, Mr Yuichiro Tamaki also said: "I hope that Mr Ishi is conducting an active discussion, Mr Ishihara will be a catalyst for the political world to become active" (meeting on 24 July).

Hiroshi Ogushi, Secretary General Hiroshi Ogushi, a member of the House of Representatives, wrote in his blog that "Prime Minister Abe will certainly deny the direction he has come up with … … in that sense I am the presidential election of the Liberal Democratic Party. " (August 26). Although the name is avoided, it is Yale for Mr. Ishihisa.

Mr. Ishiro has a good reputation, not only for the opposition party but also for supporters of the opposition party.

For example, the public opinion poll of Asahi Shimbun (4 August 5) is "a person suitable for the president of LDP", Mr. Ishihisa was a democratic constitutional party, 41%, overwhelmingly 6% of Prime Minister Abe. In the same way, Mr Ishihisa and Mr Abe are supporters of the Communist Party with 40% and 3% respectively.

In contrast to LDP supporters, Prime Minister Abe has reached 59% compared with 20% of Mr. Ishiaki.

As far as the newspaper is concerned, Asahi Shimbun criticized Prime Minister Abe's criticism in the editors of 27 August with the title: "Do not run away from the controversial Prime Minister of the Liberal Democratic Party presidential elections," "I want you to challenge me." # 39;

Opposition parties, supporters of the opposition parties, left-wing press, are choral Member States in Ishiaki support songs.

It is why.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe shows the attitude of submitting the LDP's constitutional amendment to the extraordinary dietary meeting in the fall, while Mr Ishiro has the attitude to postpone the constitutional amendment.

So, Mr. Ishiro is a Kaoru school? Apparently it is completely different. Deleted Article 9 (2), which specifies the non-maintenance of the war potential and the denial of the warlike right, aiming for a clear description of the land, sea and air defense forces. Once he pleaded for the establishment of a defense force. It is better to say that it is a stronger revisionist than the Prime Minister who maintains Article 9 (1), 2 and only seeks clarification of the SDF.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ishiro also says: "((Constitution) including that of the Communist Party that can get approval from many parties" "August 16, BS Niterele Program).

The opposition parties see the essence firmly. "Mr. Ishiro does nothing in practice while he pleads for a constitutional amendment, so it is the same as ourselves, it is better to have you replaced by Prime Minister Abe." Perhaps Mr. Ishihisa himself can be encouraged to encourage such opposition.

In the case■ Yukihi Hasegawa (Hasegawa Yukihiro)A journalist. Born in Chiba prefecture in 1953. He graduated from Keio University and graduated from Johns Hopkins University Graduate School (SAIS). With regard to commentary on politics, economics, diplomacy and security, there is a reputation for commentary based on unique information. I also serve as public officials of the members of the government's regulatory reform promotion committee. He won the Yamamoto Nanpirei Prize in his book "Authorized politicians, bureaucrats, media in Japan – Who Is the Real Power" (Kodansha). "Kent & Yukou & # 39; s great conversation!" In the last issue! "(Business Corporation).

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