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Posted tanka insulting Satsuma Posted by Abe by another bashro

"Smoke is elongated when Sakurajima mountain falls over the burning spirit of my heart" -. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Tuesday, along with his determination to run for presidential elections, on his own Twitter. Originally a song written by Hirano Minister Shogun at the end of the Tokugawa period. About this singing voice say ridiculous mocking believers: "does Abe understand the meaning?"

According to the Kansai Shingo Cultural Association . It is said that this song was written with disappointment to Satsuma because the minister who was a Fukuoka clan tried to act in the Satsuma clan (present · Kagoshima prefecture) but was refused. In short, it is not a good image for Satsuma.

Prime Minister Shin Aid is ridiculed by saying: "We want to strengthen our forces in Satsuma and Choshu, open a new era", awaiting the election horses of the president, and took the trouble to go back to Sakurajima in Kagoshima prefecture to go to the presidential election At the same time he placed a tanka complaining about Satsuma while claiming the runaway. It is clear that I have chosen it only because it contains the word "Sakurajima" without knowing the meaning of the song. I am undeveloped for the first time.

I asked the Abe office about the meaning of the Minister's Tanka and the reason to quote it, but there was no answer within the deadline.

Yet this prime minister is too well educated. It was fresh to remember that "Yodori" was read last year as "Denden" during the plenary meeting of the upper house. When writing "growth power" on the gigantic plate of the passport, we showed the character of the unknown "composition" without "Tan" and "Tigeri". We have revealed ignorance that "We have not read the Potsdam Declaration" in the debate about the party leaders, I did not know the name of emeritus professor Ashiba Shigeki Tokyo University, who is a law professor and yet a graduate in law studies.

Although he probably could not have studied at all as a child, is the person who is the head of executive power at this level good? Political critic Mr. Junro Honzawa says:

"Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is a constitutional amendment, but there is nothing horrible as an uncultured person who nibbles the Constitution, not only the constitution but also history is unknown." If you study history well, you should not be able to communicate lightly, because you might think that you miss Aizu and Tohoku who have been defeated by Satsura.Please ask Premier Abe to teach, it is impossible More information "

Prime Minister Abe calls out "beautiful Japan". Why do not you study a bit about your country?

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