Cancer patients arrived as parliamentarians, parliamentary secretary of "say they do not have to work"

Cancer patients arrived as parliamentarians, parliamentary secretary of "say they do not have to work"

The Abe cabinet decided a new deputy minister and a parliamentary official at the extraordinary Cabinet meeting on the fourth. Three people are appointed by LDP legislators who have expressed support to the former Secretary-General Shigeru Ishiba at the LDP presidential election. The number of female vice ministers increased from two to five.

Representatives who supported Mr. Ishihisa in the presidential election, appointed a non-factional representative Keiichiro Tachibana as Deputy Minister for Reconstruction and appointed two members of the Ishihashi as members of parliament. In the fourth Abe cabinet, which was launched in the autumn of last fall, only one parliamentarian was appointed from the faction.

At the presidential election Mr. Ishiro 181 votes, 45% of the votes on the spot. It was conceived as a good fight within the party. Mission of the stone fishermen The government cabinet member of the Cabinet emphasized the Northside to the reporters: "We will support with full support if the election of the president is a matter of anyway".

It also seems that he was fond of the appointment of women. Female cabinet members are only Katayama Satsuki, provincial creation minister, and opposition party, "criticize voice as committee chairman Shii Koshi Shii" who says "only female success and only one person can not just explain to people and the world" It was gone.

The Deputy Minister Keiko Nagaoka Evangelical Science Deputy Minister of Education and Yukari Sato Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, etc. The parliamentary secretary was Takako Suzuki only with officials of defense parliaments, one less.

The nomination from the Aso group of the second faction falls on each faction. A total of nine people, including four vice ministers including Kesuke Suzuki (Keisuke) and five people in the parliamentary secretary, have surpassed the last seven. In July last year it merged with the former Shandong school, part of the Tanigaki group, and it seemed a deep face as the Aso group that became the second faction of the fourth faction. Aso senior officials are satisfied that "almost this request has continued."

Meanwhile, Hideo Ohnishi, a member of the House of Representatives, took the apology by saying "I do not have to work" for cancer patients, the position of secretary of the General Affairs. There are also several legislators who are controversial and there is a possibility that the "fire" will be in the future administration of the administration.

(Asahi Shimbun Digital 05 October 2018 05: 0 5)

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