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Cheers for sky votive sky Matsushima base · air festival

A big applause was sent from visitors to the blue impulse of the Blue Impulse

On the air self-defense force Matsushima base in Higashi, Matsushima City, Miyagi Prefecture, the air festival was held on July 26 and a large number of air fans cheered on the flight-flying team "Blue Impulse" that fluttered freely in the air.
Blue Impulse is organized in 6 machines. In the morning due to bad weather, I interrupted with two kinds of skills. In the afternoons it rained just before it attracted smoke and hearts and stars and acrobatic and fascinated spectators with 25 types of flights.
Sendai City Tomizawa Ko 2nd year Umegawa Yuuuke (7) said she saw it for the first time: "I was afraid I would not want to drive, even if the distance from the plane was nearby, I told myself that I wanted to drive. "
Helicopters and rocket launchers were shown on location, and motorcycles that mimicked the blue pulse were also shown.
The base of Matsushima was hit by the tsunami in the Great Earthquake in East Japan and 28 aircraft such as fighter planes below. Last August I held the fly festival for the first time in seven years and called on the appearance of reconstruction.

Monday, August 27, 2018

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