Concern about Mr Ishiro's criticism of the Prime Minister, amendment to the Takeshita fraction of the House of Lords

  1. Ishiro & # 39; s criticism of Prime Minister, Amendment House Law regarding Takeshita fraction Concerned about Asahi Shimbun
  2. Election by the liberal-democratic governor, next month's vote 20 = Abe, Mr. Ishihisa, Nikoniko News
  3. Prime Minister Abe, on 26th, to run for president of the Liberal Democratic Party in Kagoshima Prefecture = relativity muscle Reuters
  4. Deepening discussions on the long-term strategy in the election of the Liberal Democratic Party Nihon Keizai Shimbun
  5. The presidential elections are planned in the Kagoshima preliminary proposal Daily Mainichi Shimbun on 26 June
  6. Full coverage

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