Deer in a residential area in Tokyo Together with police officers for more than 4 hours TBS NEWS

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Deer in the residential area of ​​Tokyo, stolen with police officers for more than 4 hours

A deer appeared in the residential area, near the center of Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo on the morning of November 22nd. It became a big catch at the end of police interlocking for more than 4 hours.

It is a photo from 22:00 on the 22nd. A policeman keeps deer movements to prevent deer from escaping to the garden of the Tachikawa city residence. Then we made a wall with a blue sheet against a deer that hid in the shadow of the back of the garden, and a shield was also brought in and it became a large trapped object.

"It is a residential area just 600 meters from JR Tachikawa station, but deer have come across the garden of the house" (Harada Haruka)

The deer have escaped is a residential area very close to downtown for JR Tachikawa station in Tokyo. According to the metropolitan area of ​​Tokyo, etc., Deer was from the 8th to the 13th this month in the city of Musashimurayama and after the 18th it was a series of sightings in Higashiyamato city and Kodaira city.

Then, after 0:00 on the 22nd, for the supermarket in the city, "There is a single deer walking around", there is a 110th report of a street and a policeman follows more than 10 or more by a walk or a police car. Seven in the morning I chased it in the garden of the house of Tachikawa-shi.

The girl who lives in this house …

"I was scared, I felt like I was moving a bit at the same time. (Question: What did you think when you first saw it?) I was surprised, I thought it was a dream" (a girl in the house where she was used to be)

"The size was quite large, probably about 1 m 50 cm, about 2 m. It is quite large, a state where a policeman does not know how to hand out his hands" (male neighborhood)

Many police officers surround the deer More than 4 hours later, 6 veterinarians and civil servants who came from Tama Animal Park etc. arrived. There was a tense moment to hold a large net and to disturb deer. Then the anesthesia was hit so that the deer did not erupt, about 12 hours after the previous report was safe last afternoon, it was put in a wooden box.

The official official of Tokyo said: "It is unusual for deer to appear in urban areas of Tokyo."

"I am quite surprised about the deer that comes from such an urban area, although I estimate that there are thousands of wild deer in Tokyo, I think the number is increasing" (Tokyo, the natural environment Department Manager Takahiro Takeuchi)

According to the city the deer is seen as a wild and male, after being caught, it was returned to the mountain in the Tama area as it is.

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