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Mr. Eden and Mr. Edano have a negative idea of ​​setting up "joint selection"

Update: 2018-08-26 00:33

Messrs. Tsumura and Tamaki, who are candidates for the election of the National Democratic Party, plead for a "joint selection" to adjust the candidates in advance in the opposition party pending the election of the House of Lords next year. . Professor Edano of the Constitutional Democratic Party told reporters on the 25th as follows.

"On the contrary, because I think creating a strange framework in the center is in every single district, this will hinder a wide range of collaboration, so we are not going to do it." (Representative Sachinodo Yukio Constitutional Democratic Party)

Edano emphasized the idea of ​​making a party's own candidate, not showing any coordination with negative opposition to 'co-elected', and no coordination with other opposition parties for two or more seats.

Moreover, in a lecture that preceded it, "Daylight Saving Time", which makes the time earlier in the summer when the LDP demands attention, for example because of the great influence on the lives of the people, "saying for the Olympics We would not have to do quickly. & # 39; (25th 18: 06)

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