Escape the police in the holes of the pierced holes of a suspicious NNN News

The ear of a suspect in a pierced hole, waste of an escape from the police
(Osaka prefecture)

Junya Higda who still escapes from the Tondabayashi police station in Osaka. While the police chased the incident, new information from the suspect was revealed.
Ten days after Mr. Hida escaped, many police vehicles are investigating today. Where are Hida suspects lurking while the police are chasing 3000 people?
Gas station in Habikino city. Hideto & # 39; s order book was placed on the wall of the office on the 21st. A GS employee "I heard that someone who was refueling was right, because I said that they wanted me to show the security cameras the next day and that I would also bring the data back".
Hida is suspected of getting away while she keeps sticking to a stolen black mini bike. The police still believe that this black mini-bike keeps running away, strengthens the inspection and asks service stations for information. However, a series of far-reaching cases did not reach the end of the 14th. Where is the suspect now?
Hida's physical characteristics, which the researchers have tried to follow, have become clear, with no clear information leading to securing a career. Functions such as height and tattoo have been announced so far, but it turned out that there were new markings in the pierced hole in both ears. There was one trace of a hole in the right ear and 4 to 5 in the left ear, and it was said that the piercing had not been done at the time of outing.
The police invested mainly in Osaka prefecture on the 22nd century, and was looking for information.

[ 8/22 19:02 読売テレビ]

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