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Mr. Matsushima 2 Lieutenant Lieutenant Air Self Defense Force & # 39; s First Female Fighter Plane = 23, Miyazaki pref.

Mr. Matsushima, second pilot of the first female fighter plane of the Air Self Defense Force = 23, Airborne Shintanbara Base in Miyazaki Prefecture 【Expansion】

Miyazaki Prefecture On 23 August, on the Nitutahara base of the Air Self Defense Force in Shintomi-cho, Miyazaki Prefecture, there was a ceremony to complete the training of the F-15 fighter pilot and Mr. Misashi Matsushima 2nd Empty Captain (26) It was completed. Mr. Matsushima will be assigned on June 24 to the 5th airline (Nitahara base). In the future we will continue to train with the troops and acquire the qualification needed for an emergency jump (scrambling) to the plane with the possibility to violate the airspace, and take on the actual task of protecting the sky of Japan. .

F-15 fighter pilot also called "Eagle-rider". An eagle queen was born for the first time in the Air Self Defense Force.

"The dream that stayed in my mind has changed, I want to become a pilot for a single person as soon as possible so that he will not change people."

After the ceremony ceremony, Mr. Matsushima told reporters with a smile and a resolution. I come from the city of Yokohama. He graduated from the Defense Academy in March 2014 and joined the heavens. When I was a kid, I longed for a fighter pilot who would watch American actor, film "Top Gun" with Tom Cruise. However, at the time of registration the woman walked the road to the transport machine because it could not be a pilot of fighter planes and reconnaissance aircraft.

However, a new path was opened by the fact that heaven abolished the job restrictions for women in November 2003. He obtained a pilot qualification in October 2004 and continued his training as a fighter pilot.

Although it is a fighter pilot who is considered a flower shape, the physical and mental strain is great. In case of sudden turning, a load of 9 G (9 times gravity) is applied. It loses consciousness in a living body and carries resistance in G-suit and controls it.

Currently Mr. Matsushima 2 control the F-15. In order to cross the actual mission and violate anti-aircraft defenses, it is necessary to acquire the internal qualification by studying the knowledge, skills and coping procedures necessary for the tasks. "(Sorry) It will take about six months years.

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