Governor Okinawa prefectural election Tamaki requested that the prefectural government ruling party, who is willing to "decide whether the environment will be decided"

  1. Governor Okinawa, governor Tamaki Castle, as president "Prepared for environmental decisions" and justification required Prefectural government Pronunciation Participation Requested nearby Ryukyu Shimpo
  2. Governor of Okinawa prefecture Okinawa Prefecture: Mr. Tamagi Denny Okae & # 39; s willingness, environmental improvement premium Okinawa Time Times
  3. "All Okinawa" to Tamaki Denny to Mr. Tamaki "The successor appointment of Mr. Okae is heavy" Sankei News
  4. Successor Ogina Masashi, Mr. Tamaki positively forwarded "React soon" Mainichi Newspaper
  5. Full coverage

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