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Inspection of contact with two arrests of leaving the women's body of Kakogawa
(Hyogo Prefecture)

The police arrested two men on suspicion of leaving a corpse on the 18th at a dam that found the body of a woman in a suit case on the mother of Kakogawa-shi, Hyogo Prefecture on the 11th. The police continue with the investigation into the three contact points.
A woman who was seen as Yuka Konishi (20) who lived in Yodogawa-ku, Osaka on the 9th of this month, walked with the man to the center.
On December 2, two days later, the body of Konishi who ended up in the suitcase was found at the authorized dam of Kakogawa City, Hyogo Prefecture.
The police arrested Kazuhiko Inaioka, 42, from Osaka, Ikuno, and suspected Mr. Shouma Mori in Nishi Ward, Osaka, on suspicion of leaving the body.
The relationship between the three people is still unknown, the police investigate backward investigations, including confiscation of cars that the two people used to transport the bodies, such as grabbing the car.
Around 7:30 am in the morning from 9:00 am, in the image of the registered security camera, the figure that Osaka city downtown Konishi and two people who are seen as Mori who run together in a taxi, is reflected It was.
In addition, after appearing in a taxi, two people were seen in the home of Ms. Mori in security cameras.
Later the look of Mr. Konishi not confirmed.
As a result of a judicial autopsy, Mr. Konishi died and is considered the afternoon of the 10th day after the day after appearing in the video camera of the security camera. Although the cause of death was not specified, it was said that there was a sign that was being strangled.
According to Mori's knowledge, Mori would have worked for a while as a manager in the Girls Bar in Osaka and Minami.
He also said that he had a fight with a fast fighting character.
Inaoka, 42, is 22 years older than Mori. A man who knows Mori said: "I go to the club with a 42-year-old employee at a work place and play with the maid who took me to a 42-year-old club in a club." I wonder if the 42-year-old man in Inaoka was suspicious.
The family home of Inaoka is about 5 kilometers from the dam where the body was found. Inaoka suspected that there was land intuition at the place of abandonment.

While Mori denied the investigation by the police, Inaoka suspected that "Mori had been asked by the suspect and was carrying the case, I did not know the person", noting the purpose of accepting involvement It says that.
The police were looking for who was led, because the inside was recognized because the costume cover was transparent.

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