"JPN TAXI" Unexpected influence on the SDF Commercial "crown" cancellation disappears with the black paint general car. What happened? | News about horseback riding

In the taxi industry, Toyota's new model "JPN TAXI" replaces the commercial "crown sedan" that has been used so far, but its impact also extended to the SDF. It is because it was adopted as a so-called black painter general car, but what happened at the end of production?

"Crown" but not "crown" 2000 cc "Crown sedan"

Recently (from July 2018) there are many people who have noticed that a new face has been added to the taxi, mainly in the big cities. No conventional sedan type, but a long type of taxi equipped with a sliding door at the rear, the name is "JPN TAXI (Japan Taxi)". Will some people not already be driven?

Large 180721 crown 01

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"Crown sedan" passenger car type 3. On the back seat are the captain's head in the air, the drivers of the overseers and the assistants on the front passenger seat. At the GSD Narashino garrison (Tsuyoshi Yusuke shooting).

"Crown sedan (commercial)" disappeared in a form that was replaced by the appearance of this new face. It is a synonym for the existence of a conventional taxi together with "Cedric sedan" (discontinued in December 2014) in the 3 BOX (car consisting of three parts engine room, cabin, trunk), what can be said that the sedan is a vehicle.

"Crown sedan" ends the order receipt in June 2017, production is also completed in the beginning of 2018. As a result, the taxi company decided to use the aforementioned "JPN TAXI" (1500 cc) or "Crown Royal", but "Crown Royal" has an engine of 2500 cc and the cylinder capacity Because the maintenance costs increase compared to the relationship between the size of the bodywork and the body size, many taxi companies switch to "JPN TAXI", unless it is for rental use or the like.

"Crown sedan" has a cylinder capacity of 2000 cc, a 5-digit size (an advanced figure is a 3-number with 3000 cc engines), it was reasonable to use as a taxi or a rental car, so actually it is important for an important user of "crown sedan" There was one government agency in one.

Government offices use many black sedans as official cars, but 2000 cc with 5 cc format (legal classification is a small passenger car) with the "crown" emblem attached to it is just as convenient as a taxi company, Kasumigaseki Including prefecture offices , municipalities, just to name a few.

The same can be said about the Ministry of Defense / Self Defense Force, but it is easy to switch to Crown Royal, which has a large displacement, simply because the distinction per class is stricter than government officials in the Ministry of Defense and the SDF after the production is over There was no circumstance.