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On the ears of a man. Pierced hole suspects eleventh day after outing

Update: 2018/08/22 11: 43

Eleventh day after an outing. A suspect in detention from the Osaka-Tondabayashi police station got away from the accident and we discovered that there were holes in the man's ears.

Junya Hida, 30, who is being sought, is supposed to have walked away by kicking the acrylic sheet in the meeting room of the Tondabayashi police station on the evening of the 12th of this month.

According to the police, Hidada suspects that both ears have pierced holes and it has only been discovered that the researchers made them known as one of the researchers' characteristics. There are 4 to 5 pierced holes in the left ear and 1 in the right ear. Hida is 163 cm long, there is a trace of surgery on the left arm and the left calf is cut with a rabbit tattoo.

Hida is supposed to snatch with a stolen black moped, but the missing side is still unknown, the police continue to investigate with 3,000 people.

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