The National Democratic Party, the duty to hire people with disabilities who are enshrined in the law MBS national news

National Democratic Party, the duty of employment of persons with disabilities determined by law is not met

Update: 2018-09-02 17:48

"There is a rule that an organization employing more than 45.5 persons must take on one or more people with disabilities, while we now have about 60 staff, in this sense, this statute It is a fact that we do not meet the obligation of the present time "(Yuichiro Tamaki, along with the national Democratic Party of Japan)

According to the Act on Promotion of Employment for Persons with Disabilities, political parties with more than 45.5 employees are obliged to employ one or more persons with disabilities, but the National Democratic Party has determined that they are not met.

Tuesday the co-deputy from Tamaki apologized to reporters. "We are sorry that political parties that should take the initiative to hire people with disabilities do not meet these obligations".

As far as the reasons are concerned, Mr. Tamaki explained: "It is not certain whether or not the organization has complied with the legal obligation due to retirement by employees within three months of the party." (02: 15: 40)

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