The prospect of heavy rainfall and the course of typhoon 21, weather forecaster Explanation TBS NEWS

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Perspective of heavy rain and the path of Typhoon No. 21, weather commentator

About the prospects of heavy rainfall and the course of typhoon 21, the weather forecaster's statement.

It is from the perspective of the rain. On January 31, short-term information about heavy rainfall was written on, as rain clouds were generated in various places. Shimane prefecture assumed that about 110 mm of rain had fallen in one hour. From 11:30 the rain in Shimane is weakening, but there are rain clouds here from Kyushu to Kanto.

The cause of this rain is because the activities of the autumn rain front become active. Rain clouds develop in the vicinity of the front line and it will probably go south afterwards. From Kyushu to the Kanto region, the rain will last as much as the Pacific side.

From & ndash; until the morning of the 2nd morning rain clouds develop on the spot near the Kanto region and there is a threat of heavy rain. The amount of rain that falls on the 2nd of the day in the morning is 180 mm in the north of Kyushu. Keep a close eye on landslides, etc.

And probably the typhoon will be affected next week. Fierce typhoon Nr. 21 may approach eastern Japan next Tuesday from the west of Japan.

The forecast circle is still large, but because the central pressure of Tuesday is 945 hectopascals, it seems to go with a very strong force, so the impact will be great, even if it passes somewhere in the prediction circle.

Looking at the prediction of the future course, there is the possibility that it will be a course that goes through the Japanese archipelago as it speeds up. Check the latest information regularly in the future.

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