The toilet "Mummified body" as it is, arrested for arrest on suspicion of leaving TBS NEWS

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Arrested for the woman on suspicion of leaving the corpse with the toilet was silently "mummified"

A corpse was found that was mummified while you were in a toilet in an apartment in Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture. What was the corpse seen as a man?

"The mummified body is on the toilet seat in the room" (reporter)

A report from the owner of an apartment in Iwatsu-cho, Okazaki-shi, after 11 o'clock in the morning of 23 …

"There was a bad smell from the room, I can not make contact with the residents" (report from the landlord)

A policeman who searched the room found a body like a man in the toilet. The body sat on a toilet seat, leaned against the wall and found it in a mummified state. It is thought to wear long shirts and long trousers, about four months to eight months after death.

The police arrested Naoaki Ishibashi (68), an unemployed man who lives in this room, in the city of Okazaki and arrested on suspicion of leaving the dead body. Ishibashi presumed that her body was her husband after consulting her husband Seiichi Seiichi (75), two persons, because they suspected the interrogation.

"My husband slept at home, I felt sick. (I think they were okay with each other.) My husband got sick and my life went crazy" (residents of apartments)

The police investigate the identity of the corpse and confirm the abandoned bodies.

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