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In the case of Yoshiko Oikawa (80), an unemployed person living alone in Ichinoseki Nanbu Kaimen (Koji), on Tuesday, March 25, killed the research center of Ichinoseki, murdered, murdered, Toyoharu Toboku, unemployed Sato Arrested Ninita suspect ( 74).
On suspicion of arrests, Mr. Oikawa, 15-16 days in judgment, Mr. Oikawa suspected his neck and chest several times with a knife and killed him. He denies accusations.
According to the research center, the discovery of Sato's trail from Mr. Oikawa became the decisive factor for arrest. On Monday morning I was looking for a suspect's house, but I could not find a knife that could be seen as a weapon.
In August 2014, Mr. Sato moved to an apartment managed by Mr. Oikawa. There is a problem regarding rental delinquency, etc. The headquarters of the investigation thinks it has caused the case and carefully examined it.
Oikawa's body was found in a bedroom on the 2nd floor of the house, with a futon hung on the 20th. A number of places such as breasts were stabbed and as a result of the judicial section the cause of death was blood loss.
Sato's house was close to the east of Mr. Oikawa about 200 meters.
A 60-year-old woman running a restaurant near the scene said he was relieved "(Sato suspects are walking around several times) I was arrested and was relieved."

Sunday, August 26, 2018

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